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Discover the growing role of digital media in how we live, work, and play

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Work as a team to create an original digital media project

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Understand the history, theory, and role of media and technology

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Major Requirements

Pursue a degree or take courses in digital media studies.

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Capstone Project

Review customer proposals or design your own digital media project as part of a team.

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Rettner Hall

A special facility dedicated to supporting collaboration, discovery, and innovation.

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The professor and students using the scanner.

Feature Story

Saving the lost text of a Torah scroll

Professor Gregory Heyworth and his digital media students are using different wavelengths of light to reveal illegible text that could create a sacred, tangible link with Jewish congregations lost to the Holocaust.

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After graduating, 95 percent of DMS students go on to graduate school or professional work in digitally-relevant firms.


You can complete digital media studies as either as a humanities major or a natural science major, depending on your specific interests.

Why DMS?

With state-of-the-art technologies, leading faculty, and flexible studies, the University of Rochester is the ideal place to explore the connections between digital technology, critical analysis, production, and innovation.

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