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Undergraduate Program

Interdisciplinary Dance Studies

The following are approved courses that student can combine to form a dance and interdisciplinary applications major, but other options can be discussed and approved with a student’s advisor. 

Dance and disability:

  • CLT 101C/ENG 242: Disability Studies: Rethinking Difference and Diversity
  • CAS 125: Creating an Inclusive Campus Community: Disability, Mentorship, and Inclusive Higher Education
  • Participation as a TOUR mentor in a dance course

Dance and gender:

  • ANT 246/WST 246: Anthropological Approaches To Gender and Sexuality
  • CSP 267/WST 266: Psychology of Gender
  • WST 105: Sex and Power
  • HIS 284/WST 285: History of the Body
  • ENG/230/AAS 230/WST 234: The Black Body: Intersecting Intimacies
  •  WST 219: Politics of Sport

Dance and social justice:

  • SA 281: Performance Art and Social Intervention
  • ANT 247/AAS 261: Islam and the Third World
  • REL 125/AAS 125: Religion, Race and Ethnicity in America
  • REL 246/AAS 246: Cry Freedom
  • ANT 230/AAS 232: War, Genocide and Justice
  • PSC 267: Identity, Ethnicity and Nationalism
  • PH 101: Intro to Public Health
  • PH 215/ANT 215: Public Health Anthropology

Dance and African and African American studies:

  • REL 156/AAS 157: Religions of African Diaspora
  • REL 170/AAS 170: Religion and Hip Hop Culture
  • REL 151/AAS 151: The Blues
  • ENG 230/WST 234/AAS 230: The Black Body: Intersecting Intimacies

Dance and religion and classics:

  • REL 162: Mysticism
  • REL 243: Islamic Mysticism
  • REL 244: Islamic Mystical Poetry
  • REL 250: Shiva and Shakti
  • REL 261: Hindu Tantric Yoga
  • REL 272: Classical Yoga Traditions of India

Dance, movement and brain and cognitive sciences:

  • BCS 110: Neural Foundations of Behavior
  • BCS 151: Perception and Action
  • BCS 172: Development of Mind and Brain