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Undergraduate Program


The program offers four clusters, all of which are in the humanities academic division.

Improvisation and Creative Process

This cluster encourages students to discover the potential of their own creative energies. Students explore the creative process through reading, attending lecture-demonstrations, discussions, and improvisation.

Movement and Culture

In this cluster students have the opportunity to investigate, theoretically and experientially, movement and dance from different cultures. The goal is to increase knowledge and understanding of the rich and varied roles of movement from around the world with a focus on community.

Mind-Body Somatics

This cluster explores multiple perspectives of somatic approaches to movement re-patterning, teaching how to change maladaptive movement patterns in order to develop new, more integrated movement.

Dance and Performance

This cluster is designed for students interested in the art of dance and performance. Through the study of dance technique and theory as well as the context within which dance exists in the field, students will have opportunities to experience, view, and discuss the art of dance, performance, and creative expression.