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Undergraduate Program

Frequently Asked Questions

How many students are in the BA program for dance?

Our BA is brand new and we are very excited about it. There are two possibilities for concentrations: Creative Expression and Performance (a more typical dance major but with options for many global dance forms) and Dance Studies, which can connect dance or movement with any other area of study. Since the BA was just approved in the summer of 2016, we are still growing but we currently have 2 seniors who will be able to graduate with the major, and we have 4 other students who are declaring. That number is expected to double by next fall, and continue to grow in larger numbers from there.

Is there an audition for the program?

An audition is not currently required. Particularly because of the Dance Studies concentration, we do not want to exclude students due to lack of technique or experience.

Can you double major? If so, only with certain schools or across the board?

Definitely! You can double major within the School of Arts and Sciences or across the board with programs like engineering but you will need to work closely with an adviser. The Eastman School of Music is also part of the University and is an amazing resource for collaboration and for crossover in the student body.

What are the academic offerings within and out of the dance department?

Our academic offerings are diverse. See our course descriptions for more information. 

Are there scholarships specific to the dance department?

There are currently no arts scholarships specific to the dance department but there may be in the future. There is one scholarship administered through admissions that supports a student who is a dancer, an actor, or otherwise involved in the arts. Contact financial aid and scholarships for more information.

Do you have to be a highly trained dancer?

We have 12 fantastic student dance groups that are co-curricular. For example, one is made of up of highly trained contemporary competition dancers (they do audition), and another is a very skilled hip-hop group. Several of those dancers are also in our program and we aim to continue interweaving with the groups. The technique classes have a mix of skilled and unskilled students. Even those who are trained have generally not experienced our somatic, Laban-Bartenieff approach. Our program is great for dancers with diverse interests. We are not a conservatory that churns out dancers and pipelines them into companies, but rather we are stimulating artistry, the love and appreciation of dance, the interdisciplinary applications of dance and movement in life, and the development of the thoughtful artist.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the Program of Movement and Dance.