Dance and movement studies at Rochester is characterized by mindfulness, diversity, somatic approaches and collaboration. We offer a range of courses, workshops, performances, and research opportunities within the context of different styles, techniques, and disciplines. These include:

  • Contemporary dance, African dance, Ballet, Yoga, Tap, Breaking, Capoeira, Jazz, Middle Eastern dance, Contact Improvisation, Performance
  • Improvisation, Dance/Movement Therapy, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Choreography, Teaching, Kinesiology, Movement Analysis, World Dance, Meditation, Dance on Camera and more
  • Interdisciplinary studies that intersect with other courses of study throughout the campus such as social justice, psychology, disability studies, brain and cognitive science, Black studies, women’s and gender studies, physics and more

Students looking to explore these areas in more depth can major, minor, or take a cluster in dance.

Exploring Culture Through Dance

Dance gives students a unique opportunity to not only learn academically about another culture but to actively experience and participate in it. 

Movement Studies

Studying how the body moves not only helps students gain a better understanding of their own body but also always gives them a new way to teach and explain body moments to others. 

Community Impact

inspireDANCE participants

Dance and movement studies enhance appreciation for and involvement in the arts, while building relationships with the community. Our program’s annual inspireDANCE Festival brings renowned artists and performers to campus and connects them with Greater Rochester area students, faculty, professionals, and community members.