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PSCI 292 Ethics in Markets and In Public Policy

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  • Spring 2017
    Andras Miklos
    Spring 2017 — TR 12:30 - 13:45
    Course Syllabus

    This course deals with ethics in markets and in the public domain. It will enable students to analyze ethical challenges arising in business and in public policy. The course begins by looking at the place of ethics in a competitive economy and in public policy. Next, it addresses ethical issues faced by decision-makers in complex institutions, including the nature of managerial and political responsibilities, and the problem of dirty hands. It explores ethical questions in health policy, drug development, corporate philanthropy and environmental protection. We will also consider morally controversial uses of markets in goods such as votes and bodily organs. Finally, we will look at questions of distributive justice in relation to labor protection, executive and employee compensation. No prior knowledge of political philosophy is required.