The Team

The Kennedy Research Group is committed to embodying the principle of Meliora. We strive to “be ever better” in our pursuits of learning and discovery as well as in our practice of fostering diversity, equity, inclusivity, integrity, and respect. With an awareness of the creative and intellectual advantages of building diverse teams, as well as a respect for people from all walks of life, we deliberately cultivate a cooperative environment of trust and open communication, where individuals from diverse backgrounds and differing opinions can contribute freely. It is this openness to and respect for new ideas and ways of thinking that will enable us to innovate and excel as scientists and leaders in our field.

More on the Vision and Values of the University of Rochester.


We are currently recruiting enthusiastic colleagues. If you are interested in joining the Kennedy Lab, please contact Rose directly.

Prior to UR:

Although our group is young, Rose has long enjoyed mentoring and collaborating with junior researchers, celebrating their successes both in and outside the lab!

Rachel L. Macaulay
Undergraduate Researcher with CRK
(Chirik Group, 2017–2019)
Princeton University, Class of 2019

Bo Young Choi 
Undergraduate Researcher with CRK
(Jacobsen Group, 2015–2016)
Harvard University, Class of 2017
Currently: M1 at Cooper Medical School of Rowan University

Mary-Grace R. Reeves
Undergraduate Researcher with CRK
(Jacobsen Group, 2014–2016)
Harvard University, Class of 2016
Currently: M4 at Stanford University Medical School

Jennifer A. Guidera
Undergraduate Researcher with CRK
(Jacobsen Group, 2013–2015)
Harvard University, Class of 2015
Currently: M3 in the University of California–San Francisco MSTP