Former Group Members


Matthew Liptak. Current Position: Associate Professor in Chemistry, University of Vermont, Burlington, VT.

Andrea Lee. Current Position: Research Assistant Professor, University of Vermont, Burlington, VT.

Anni Siitonen. Current PositionPatent Agent, Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP.

Peter Lamberg. Current Position: Research Scientist, Milo Sensors, Santa Barbara, CA.

Banu Kandemir. Current Position: Senior Scientist, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, Rochester, NY. 

Ph.D. Students

Elizabeth Karan. Current Position: High School Teacher, Ridgewood, NJ.

Brandy S. Russell. Current Position: Associate Professor in Chemistry, Gustavus Adolphus College, St. Peter, MN.

Kirti M. Patel. Current Position: High school teacher, Connecticut.

Linghao Zhong. Current Position: Associate Professor in Chemistry, Penn State Mont Alto, Mont Alto, PA.

Xin Wen. Current Position: Professor of Chemistry, California State University Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA.

Jason A. Kellogg. Current Position: Sr Manager, R&D, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics.

Lea Vacca Michel. Current Position: Associate Professor in Chemistry, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY.

Kaur Ravinder. Current Position: Research Scientist I, Center for Infectious Disease and Immunology, Research Institute, Rochester General Hospital, Rochester, NY.

Amy A. Ensign (Kovach). Current Position: Associate Professor of Chemistry, Roberts Wesleyan University, Rochester, NY.

Sarah Bowman. Current Position: Scientist at Hauptman-Woodward Medical Research Institute.

Mehmet Can. Current Position: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI.

Wesley Asher. Current Position: Adjunct Associate Research Scientist, Columbia University, New York City, NY.

Jesse Kleingardner. Current Position: Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Messiah College, Mechanicsburg, PA.

Lenore Kubie. Current Position: Postdoctoral Researcher, National Renewable Energy Laboratory. 

Banu Kandemir. Current Position: Senior Scientist, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, Rochester, NY. 

Yixing Guo. Current Position: TD Mod and Integr Yield Engineer, Intel Corporation. 

Saikat Chakraborty. Current Position: Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Oxford College of Emory University, Oxford, GA.

Jennifer Le. Current Position: Instructor, University of Groningen, Groningen, Netherlands. 

Jose Alvarez-Hernandez. Current Position: Postdoctoral Researcher, Yale University, New Haven, CT.

Jesse Stroka. Current Position: Research Scientist, Bausch & Lomb, Rochester, NY.

Emily Edwards. Current Position: Scientific Editor, Cell Reports Physical Science, Cambridge, MA.

B.S. Thesis Research Students

Archana Manohar (B.S. '98). Current Position: Dentist, Maryland.

Rory Melenkivitz Waterman (B.S. '99). Current Position: Professor in Chemistry and Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, University of Vermont, Burlington, VT.

Cintyu Wong (B.S. '03). Current Position: Research Scientist, Johnson & Johnson.

Andrew Lee (B.S. '05). Current Position: Anesthesiologist, Department of Anesthesiology Hospital of Special Surgery, New York, NY.

Susan Zultanski (B.S. '05). Current Position: Senior Scientist, Merck.

Ben Levin (B.S. '07). Current Position: Senior Associate, Hazen and Sawyer.

Iris Jo (B.S. '07). Current Position: Pediatric Resident, Richmond University Medical Center, Staten Island, NY.

Breanne Holmes (B.S. '08). Current Position: Postdoctoral Researcher, MTM Research Center.

Ferdous Zannat (B.S. '09). Current Position: Resident, Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Rochester Medical Center, Rochester, NY.

Benjamin Snyder (B.S. '12). Current Position: Ph.D. student, Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA.

Benjamin Dick (B.S. '13). Current Position: Ph.D. student, University of California at San Diego, San Diego, CA.

Hoon Kim (B.S. '13). Current Position: Employment, Seoul, Korea.

Sarah Koniski (B.S. '14). Current Position: Associate Portfolio Manager, VWR, Philadelphia, PA.

Kristen Bentley (B.S. '14). Current Position: Product Chemistry Study Director, Smithers, South Darmouth, MA.

Anthony Paschke (B.S. '14). Current Position: Flight School, U.S. Navy.

Lauren Weber (B.S. '15). Current Position: Assistant Manager, Memorial Podiatry Group, Long Beach, CA. 

Gibran Mangui (B.S. '16). Current Position: DMD Candidate, Boston University, Boston, MA.

Marisa Guerin (B.S. '16). Current Position: TBA

Alex Callahan (B.S. '18). Current Position: Ph.D. student, MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts. 

Claire Dickerson (B.S. '18). Current Position: Ph.D. student, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA.

Andrew Sopchak (B.A. '20). Current Position: TBA

Jana Jelušić (B.S. '20). Current Position: Ph.D. Student, Yale University, New Haven, CT.

Noelle Peluso (B.S. '21). Current Position: Chemist, Consumer Product Safety Commission, Bethesda, MD.

Gloria Kim (B.A, '22). Current Position: TBA

Jake Johnson (B.S. Neuroscience '22). Current Position: TBA