"Our Values" is a living document constructed by the Bren Group members. These are the principles we use to guide our approach to the quality and integrity of our research, to training and teaching, to diversity and inclusion, and to safety. 


• We tackle challenging problems.
• We apply a new perspective to solve important problems using creative, multidisciplinary approaches using any tools at our disposal.
• From fundamental mechanistic studies to device development, we are a bioinorganic chemistry lab committed to making the world ever better (Meliora!)

Quality & Integrity

• We honor high ethical standards in our work.
• We approach a research problem looking at the whole problem and the big picture, but we also dig deeply into research projects.
• We believe that excellent technique, thoughtful control experiments and data reproducibility are critical.
• We publish work when it is ready to be communicated according to these standards. 

Training, teaching, and learning

• Mentorship is vital for learning and developing and takes many forms among group members.
• Peer review begins in the group. We are our own greatest champions and our own toughest reviewers.
• We value teaching as highly as we value learning.
• Outreach to the community is important for communicating the value of what we do and teaching a broad range of people about opportunities in science.


• We create an environment where asking questions is encouraged.
• We work collaboratively and cooperatively.
• Researchers are given autonomy in the lab and with their projects, while also receiving appropriate guidance to ensure success.
• Group members are encouraged to develop and try new ideas.
• Sharing of knowledge is critical and benefits the whole group.
• We welcome the participation of undergraduates and high school students in our research.
• We strive to foster a friendly environment for all group members.


• Diversity in all respects enhances our group and our work by bringing multiple perspectives to our science and to how our group operates.
• Our research laboratory is devoted to providing a safe and welcoming environment to every person regardless of their race, religion, ethnicity, nationality, immigration status, gender, gender identity, disability, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, caste, or any other marginalized
• Through our outreach and recruitment activities, we are committed to promoting equity and inclusion in the accessibility and pursuit of scientific research.
• These guiding principles are not exhaustive and may never be completed. We are committed to actively learning, growing, and remaining engaged in practices that promote an inclusive environment.


• The health and safety of all group members is always our top priority.

"Our Values" Updated February, 2022