Undergraduate Program

Transfer and AP Credit

Good grades on AP examinations can be used to obtain transfer credit for high school courses. Students who have taken AP courses in high school should therefore take their AP exams. If these are not offered at your local high school, you can arrange to take them elsewhere.

Guidelines for Advanced Placement

Depending on your scores, you can receive the following credit:

Note: Students can take PHY 123 prior to PHY 122, provided that PHY 122 is taken the following semester.

Note: Students who will be pursuing a physics or physics and astronomy degree, and who receive AP credit for PHY 121, are still strongly encouraged to take PHY 141 regardless of their AP score. Students who wish to skip PHY 141 are requested to meet with an undergraduate physics advisor or the Department's Director of Undergraduate Studies to discuss their decision.

Policy on Transfer Credit from India and London "A" Level Exam

International Baccalaureate (IB) in Physics

IB courses are not calculus based and generally do not receive physics department credit. However, if a student receives a grade of 7 on the advanced physics IB test, it will be considered as equivalent to receiving a grade of 5 of the test B (General Physics) AP exam in the USA. This means that one receives credit for PHY 113 or PHY 121 conditionally 2. No credit can be received for lower scores. Instead of conditional credit (which requires taking PHY 122, PHY 123 or PHY 114), a student can choose to take the final exam in PHY 113, PHY 121 or PHY 141, and receive credit upon receiving a minimum grade of B-.

IB in Physical Science is not relevant for Physics—no credit is given.

Transfer Credit from Other Schools

Requests for transfer credits are handled by the Department's Office of Undergraduate Studies, Bausch & Lomb 211. When possible, students should obtain approval of transfer credit before taking a course elsewhere, in order to be certain that transfer credit will be awarded. Cases will be considered according to the following guidelines and required documentation.

1 Placement into honors sequence courses PHY 141, PHY 142 and PHY 143 requires permission of the instructor.
2 Conditional credit means that credit will be granted if at least a grade of B- is received in the course into which the student is placed.