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PhD Year Name of Graduate Thesis Title Appointment Position Advisor


2017 Xin, Ran All-Fiber, Directly Chirped Laser Source for Chirped-Pulse-Amplification Scientist Zuegel, J. PPF
2016 Lai, Yi-Ming Integrated Nanophotonics with Genetically Designed Photonic Crystal Structures Scientist Badolato, A. CM
2016 Scott, Erin Windows to Other Worlds: Modeling Systems in Transit Post-Doc Mamajek, E. A/AP
2016 Hansen, Azure Topological Spin Textures in Spinor Bose-Einstein Condensates Generated by Stimulated Raman Interactions Post-Doc Bigelow, N. QOE
2016 Marshall, Chris Measurement of charged kaon production by neutrinos at MINERvA Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Fellow McFarland, K. PPE
2016 Lu, Xiyuan Silicon and Silicon Carbide Photonics and the Applications University of Maryland Post-Doc Lin, Q. QOE
2016 Chantasri, Areeya Stochastic path integral formalism for continuous quantum measurement University of Rochester Post-Doc Jordan, A. QOE
2016 Moolekamp, Fred Low Mass Stellar and Substellar Objects in Scorpius Centaurus Princeton Post-Doc Mamajek, E. A/AP
2016 Hansen, Eddie Outflows from Young Stellar Objects: Bringing Numberical Simulations Closer to Observations of Herbig-Haro Objects Laboratory for Laser Energetics Post-Doc Frank, A. A/AP
2016 Huang, Jinxin Nanometer-class Optical Coherence Tomography for In Vivo Imaging of the Tear Film Dynamics Rolland, J. CME
2016 Greenwood, Levi Quantum Phase Space in Curved Spacetime Das, A. PPT
2016 Lai, Wei Molecules in Strong Laser Fields Travelers Insurance Analyst Guo, Chunlei CME
2016 Tepp, Gabrielle Seismic Analysis of Magmatism in the Galapagos Archipelago and East Africa Fellow Ebinger, C. GP
2016 Choi, Yunjin Topics in Quantum Transport of Charge and Heat in Solid State Systems Jordan, A. QOT
2016 Viza, Gerardo Weak-Value Metrology and Shot-Noise LImited Measurements Intel Scientist Howell, J. QOE
2016 Nyibule, Sheth Prompt Aligned Binary, Ternary and Quaternary Fragmentation Rochester Institute of Technology Assistant Professor Schroeder, U. NP
2016 Follett, Russell The Multiple-Beam Two-Plasmon-Decay Instability Laboratory for Laser Energetics Post-Doc Froula, D. PPF
2016 Aytenfisu, Asaminew Applying and Improving the Amber RNA Force Field Post-Doc Mathews, D. BP
2015 Schneeloch, James On Position-Momentum Entanglement, Nonlocality, and Measurement Air Force Research Labs National Research Council Fellow Howell, John QO
2015 Neukirch, Levi Optomechanics with Levitated Nanodiamonds Los Alamos National Lab Post-Doc Vamivakas, N. QO
2015 Baker, James Development of a Two Dimensional Photonic Crystal Biosensing Platform Cornell Post-Doc Miller, B. CM
2015 Eshaq, Yossof Search for New Physics in All-hadronic Events with AlphaT in 8 TeV Data with CMS Garcia-Bellido, A. PPE
2015 Forrest, Chad Measurements of the Fuel Distribution in Cryogenic D-T Director Drive Implosions Laboratory for Laser Energetics Scientist Meyerhofer, D. PL
2015 Hashemi Rafsanjani, Seyed Mohammad Theory of Multipartite Entanglement for X-States University of Rochester - Inst. of Optics Post-Doc Eberly, J. QOT
2015 Nauman, Farrukh Turbulence in Rotating and Non-Rotating Magnetohydrodynamic Shear Flows Niels Bohr International Academy, Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen Post-Doc Blackman, E. A/AP
2015 Nora, Ryan Hydrodynamics of Inertial Confinement Fusion: Conventional Hot Spot and Shock Ignition Livermore National Lab Post-Doc Betti, R. PPF
2015 Qing, Lan Spin Transport in Semiconductors Manipulated by Extrinsic Factors University of Maryland Post-Doc Dery, H. CM
2015 Trivedi, Dhara Dynamics of Photoexcited State of Semiconductor Quantum Dots Northwestern Post-Doc Prezhdo, O. CM
2015 Wang, Chenggong Interface Studies of Organic/Transition Metal Oxide with Organic semiconductors and the Interfaces in the Perovskite Solar Cell North Carolina State University Post-Doc Gao, Y. CM
2015 Wolcott, Jeremy Measurement of the Charged-Current Quasi-Elastic Cross-Section for Electron Neutrinos on a Hydrocarbon Target Tufts Post-Doc Manly, S. PPE
2015 Wu, Yegang Statistical Properties of Disordered Jammed Packings of Frictionless Disks Bloomberg Research Associated Teitel, S. CM
2014 Agarwal, Shantanu Using Qubits to Reveal Quantum Signatures of an Oscillator Bloomberg Research Associate Eberly, J. QOT
2014 Ambrose, Daniel Measurement of the realitive strong-phase difference University of Minnesota, Fermilab Research Associate Thorndike, E. PPE
2014 Betchart, Burton Measurement of Charge Asymmetry in Top Quark Pair Production at the Large Hadron Collider University of Rochester Post-Doc Demina, R. PPE
2014 Howland, Gregory Compressive Sensing for Quantum Imaging Air Force Research Labs National Research Council Fellow Howell, J. QOE
2014 Kar, Arnab Renormalization from Classical to Quantum Physics University of Rochester - Chemistry Dept. Post-Doc Rajeev, S.R. PPT
2014 Li, Shule Heterogeneous Flow in Interstellar Medium and Start Formation UC Berkeley Post-Doc Frank, A. A/AP
2014 Neukirch, Amanda Excited State Dynamics in Nanoscale Systems Los Alamos National Lab Post-Doc Prezhdo, O. CMT
2014 Qian, Xiao-Feng Effect of Non-interacting Quantum Background on Entanglement Dynamics University of Rochester Post-Doc Eberly, J. QOT
2014 Song, Yang Theory of Intrinsic Spin-Dependent Transport in Semiconductors and Two-Dimensional Membranes University of Rochester Post-Doc Dery, H. CM
2013 Cho, Seong Keun Studies on the partially coherent fields and the coherence measurement methods MIT Post-Doc Alonso, M. QOT
2013 Chang, Po-Yu Laser-Driven Magnetic-Flux Compression: Theory and Experiments Institute of Space and Plasma Sciences at National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan Assistant Professor Betti, R. PPF
2013 Chvojka, Jesse Anti-Neutrino Charged Current Quasi-Elastic Scattering in MINERvA FermiLab Scientist McFarland, K. PPE
2013 Day, Melanie Electron Neutrinos in the Pi-Zero Detector of the T2K Experiment University of Wisconsin Post-Doc McFarland, K. PPE
2013 Dressel, Justin Indirect Observable Measurement: an Algebraic Approach Chapman University Assistant Professor Jordan, A. QOT
2013 Groves, Elizabeth Soliton Solutions for High-Bandwith Optical Pulse Storage and Retrieval Exponent Failure Analysis Associate Eberly, J. QOT
2013 Kim, Kyoung Hee Evolution of Protoplanetary Disks in the Orion A Star-Forming Region Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute Post-Doc Watson, D. A/AP
2013 Moore, Alex Dynamical simulations of extrasolar planetary systems with debris disks using a GPU based N-body Code Quillen, A. A/AP
2013 Park, Jaehong Particle energization and energy transfer in collisionless astrophysical plasmas Princeton Post-Doc Ren, C. PL
2013 Park, Kiwan Topics in Plasma Astrophysics: Theory and Simulation of Magnetohydrodynamic Dynamos and Faraday Rotation for Plasmas of General Composition Blackman, E. A/AP
2013 Pecaut, Mark The Star-formation History and Accretion Disk Fraction of the Scorpius-Centaurus OB Association Rockhurst University Assistant Professor Mamajek, E. A/AP
2013 Song, Yang Theory of intrinsic spin-dependent transport in semiconductors and two-dimensional membranes University of Rochester Post-Doc Dery, H. CMT
2013 Tsai, Yun-Tse Measurement of Electroweak Top Quark Production FermiLab Post-Doc Garcia-Belliod, A. PPE
2013 Wang, Xu Theory of Strong-Field Atomic Ionization for Elliptical or Circular Polarization Kansas State University Post-Doc Eberly, J. QOT
2013 Walters, Peter Momentum-integrated Elliptic Flow and Transverse Collision Geometry in Ultrarelativistic Nucleus--Nucleus Collisions PPE
2012 Irfan Improvement of Charge Transfer between Electrode and Semiconductor by Thing Metal Oxide Insertion Alameda Applied Sciences Corp. Scienctist Gao, Y. CME
2012 Carroll-Nellenback, Jonathan Modeling Turbulence in Molecular Clouds University of Rochester Post-Doc Frank, A. A/AP
2012 Starling, David Precision Measurement in Quantum Optics Penn State University Assist. Professor Howell, J. QOE
2012 Wang, Hui Simulation of Organic Light-Emitting Diodes and Organic Photovoltaic Devices Financial Analyst Tang, C. and Rotherberg, L. CME
2012 Wakim, Amy Luminorefrigeration of NaCs KLA-Tencor Systems Engineer Bigelow, N. QOE
2012 Yadav, Amrita Development of Arrayed Imaging Reflectometry as a Biomolecular Interaction Analysis Platform ForteBio Scientist Miller, B./Gao, Y. CME
2012 Zabawa, Patrick Production of Ultracold, Absolute Vibrational Ground State NaCs Molecules ESI Engineer Bigelow QOE
2012 Bharadwaj, Palash Antenna-coupled Photoemission from Single Quantum Emitters University of Rochester Post-Doc Novotny, L. QOE
2012 Mitra, Anirban Label-free Optical Detection of Viruses and Nanoparticles Intel Corp. Engineer Novotny, L. QOE
2012 Orbaker, Douglas Measurement of the forward-backward asymmetry in top-antitop quark events in the lepton+jets channel at D0 University of Rochester Post-Doc Demina, R. PPE
2011 Dixon, Paul Benjamin Quantum Imaging and Information MIT Post-Doc Howell, J. QOE
2011 Hager, Jonathan Rayleigh-Taylor Experiments in Materials and Conditions Relevant to Ignition in Inertial Confinement Fusion SUNY Geneseo Lecturer Knauer, J., Meyerhofer, D. PPF
2011 Insler, Jonathan Ds Exclusive Semileptonic Decays at CLEO-c Louisiana State Univ. Post-Doc Thorndike, E. PPE
2011 Lahiri, Mayukh Contributions to the Theories of Coherence and Polarization of Light University of Vienna Post-Doc Wolf, E. QOT
2011 Miner, Daniel Study of Quark Substructure Using Proton-Proton Collisions Franfurt Institute for Advanced Studies Post-Doc Demina, R. PPE
2011 Perillan, Jose A Reexamination of Early Debates on the Interpretation of Quantum Theory: De Broglie to Bohm Vasser Assistant Professor Brown, T., Eberly, J.H., Bigelow, N. Cross-Disciplinary Physics
2011 Vudya Setu, Parveen Kumar Slow Light, Stopped Light and Guided Light in Hot Rubidium Vapor Using Off-resonant Interactions Intel Corp. Engineer Howell, J. QOE
2011 Williams, Nathan Weak Measurement in Solid State and Optical Systems Willamette Univ. Visiting Assist. Professor Jordan, A. QOT
2010 Yirak, Kristopher Heterogeneous Interactions in the Interstellar Medium Los Alamos National Lab. Post-Doc Frank, A. A/AP
2010 Barrios Garcia, Maria Alejandra Precision Equation of State Measurements on Hydrocarbons in the High Energy Density Regime LLNL National Ignitition Facility Post-Doc Boehly, T., Meyerhofer, D. PPF
2010 Broadbent, Curtis Applications of High-Dimensional Photonic Entanglement University of Rochester Post-Doc Howell, J. QOE
2010 Pan, Dong Time-Resolved Photoresponse Studies of Ferromagnet/Superconductor Nano-Bilayers and Nanostructures Newport Corp. Business Manager Sobolewski, R./ CME
2012 Sullivan, Kelley Multiphoton Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching Advancements for Novel In Vivo Applications Ithaca College Assistant Professor Brown, E./Wolfs, Fr. PPE
2010 Ding, Huanjun Surface and Interface Studies of Organic Semiconductors Univ. of California Postdoc Gao, Y. CME
2010 Haimberger, Christopher Photoassociation of Ultracold NaCs Univ. of Rochester Postdoc Bigelow, N QOE
2010 Betancourt-Benitez, Ricardo Cone Beam Computed Tomography: Development of System Characterization Metrics and Applications Univ. Pennsylvania Medical Physicist Ning, R./Gao, Y. MED PHY

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