Recent Graduate Alumni

PhD YearName of GraduateThesis TitleAppointmentPositionAdvisor


2023Huff, Maggie

The Equations of State of Shocked Iron and Bridgmanite

Ryan RyggPPF
2023Ramsey, Dillon

Electron Dynamics and Radiation Generation in a Flying Focus

Dustin FroulaPPE
2022Olivier, Andrew

Neutrons in Minerva and the Antineutrino Multi-Neutron Production Cross Section

Steven ManlyPPE
2022Leal, Luis

Plasma Dynamics in Magnetized Laser-GeneratedPlasmas

Riccardo BettiPPF
2022Steinmetz, JohnWeak Measurement: Applications to Quantum Computing and Parameter EstimationAndrew JordanQOE
2022Dasenbrock-Gammon, Nathan

Advancement Towards Ambient Superconductivity Through the Exploitation of Hydrogen Dense Materials

Ranga DiasCME
2022Black, Nick

 Characterizing and Mitigating Phase Distortions in Quantum and Nonlinear Optical Systems

L3HarrisImage ScientistRobert BoydQOE
2022Luntz-Martin, Danika

Thermal Effects in Optically Levitated Nanoparticles 

Nick VamivakasQOE
2022Diaz Bautista, Gonzalo

Measurement of $\nu_{\mu}$CC1$\pi^0$ cross-section in heavy nuclei in MINERvA

Kevin McFarlandPPE
2022Adams, MarissaElucidation of Magnetic Field Generation via Laser-Target Illumination in the Magnetohydrodynamic FrameworkSandia National LaboratoriesICF & Radiation Target Design Postdoc



2022Qiao, HaifengQuantum-State Transfer in Semiconductor Quantum-Dot Spin ArraysAmazon Web ServicesQuantum Research ScientistJohn NicholCME
2022Connors, ElliotAdancement of silicon-based spin qubits: Fast readout, noise spectroscopy, and coherent control in Si/SiGe quantum dotsIntel CorporationQuantum Computing Research ScientistJohn NicholCME
2022Henry, SarahSimultaneous Measurement of Visible Energy and Momentum Transfer in Anti-Electron Neutrino Interactions on HydrocarbonLockheed Martin CorporationData ScientistKevin McFarlandHEP
2022Wright, EstebanRicochets and Stranding Boulders on Rubble Pile AsteroidsUniversity of Maryland, College ParkPostdocAlice QuillenAP
2022Fallon, ColinSearch for Dark Matter in Final States Containing Semi-Visible Jets from Proton-Proton Collisions at \ SQRT {S}=13TEV with the CMS DetectorAran Garcia-BellidoPPE
2022Franke, PhilipSpatiotemporal pulse shaping for laser-plasma-based applicationsDustin FroulaPL
2022Mimar, SayatLearning Dynamical Processes from Structure in Complex NetworksGourab GhosalCMT
2022Henderson, BrianHugoniot Measurements of Silicon and Thermal Emission of Shocked Silica AerogelRip Collins PL
2022Chen, ZekaiRaman process in a spinor Bose gas: synthetic gauge potentials and three-dimensional topological defectsNicholas BigelowQOE
2022Bercellie, AaronMuon Neutrino Charged Current Single Pion Production on Various Targets in the MINERvA DetectorKevin McFarlandPPE
2021Mohamed, ZaarahStudy of nuclear processes relevant to ICF plasmas and big bang nucleosynthesis

Froula, D.

Knauer, J.

2021Zengilowski, GregMitigating Undesirable Detector Behaviors for Improved Image Quality from the Near-Earth Object Surveyor

Pipher, J.

2021Crandall, LindaExploring the off-Hugoniot phase diagrams of carbon dioxide and magnesium oxide utilizing static and dynamic precompression techniquesSandia National LabFire Sciences and Technology Dept.

Collins, R.

Rygg, R.

2021Mannion, OwenStudying High Energy Density Plasmas Using Three-Dimensional Neutron SpectroscopySandia National LabFusion Exp Group

Regan, S.

2021Hazarie, SurendraHuman Mobility in Physical and Virtual EnvironmentsComlinkdata, telecom consulting company (Boston area)Data Scientist

Ghoshal, G.

2021Kleykamp, JeffreyA-Scaling of CCQE-like cross Sections at MINERvAUniversity of MississippiPostdoc

Manly, S.

2021Hansen, AaronCross-Beam Energy Transfer SaturationSandia National LabFusion Exp Group

Froula, D.

2021Cai, TejinMeasurements of Nuclear Effects and the \bar\nu_mu+ H to \mu^ ++ \eta Cross Section in MNERvA with Neutron TaggingYork University (Toronto)Postdoc


2021Murray, KyleQuantifying Magnetic Susceptibility to Explore the Pathomechanisms of Cerebral Small Vessel DiseaseExponent, science and management consulting firm (Phoenix)Scientist in EE and CS practice

Zhong, J.

2021Venkataraman, ArunHow fast can we go? Optimizing Diffusion MRI (dMRI) AcquisitionUR Medical SchoolMSTP Student

Zhong, J.

2021Milder, AvramMeasurements of non-Maxwellian electron distribution functions using angularly resolved Thomson scatteringLaboratory for Laser Energetis (LLE)Assistant Scientist

Froula, D.

2021Schwemmlein, ArnoldA TNSA Based Platform for Deuterium and Tritium Beams to Study Nuclear Reactions between Light NucleiLaboratory of Laser Energetics (LLE)Postdoc

Schroeder, W.

2021Lewalle, PhillipeQuantum Trajectories and their Extremal-Probability Paths: New Phenomena and ApplicationsUC BerkeleyPostdoc

Jordan, A.

2021Yang, Jing
Open quantum systems
and quantum metrology: Theory and Applications
University of LuxemburgPostdoc

Jordan, A.

2021Ruby IV, JohnBayesian Inference of Fundamental Physics at Extreme ConditionsLawrence Livermore National LabPostdoc

Collins, R.

Rygg, R.

2021Manikandan, Sreenath
Information and
irreversibility in the quantum regime: from fundamentals to quantum device applications
NORDITA (Stockholm)Initiative on Networks and Quantum Computing (WINQ)Jordan, A.QOT
2021Debrecht, AlexanderThe Photoevaporation of Hot Jupiters and Its Observational ConsequencesKCF TechnologiesData Analytics EngineerFrank, A.A/AP
2020Murphree, JoeQuadrupole Raman transitions driven by optical vortex beams in ultracold atomic cloudsBates CollegePostdocBigelow, N.QOE
2020Mullarkey, ChrisImaging and Sensing Applications with Atomic-Like SystemsL3Harris ScientistHowell, J.QOE
2020Fine, RobMeasurement of the Medium Energy NuMI Flux Using the Low-ν and High-ν Methods at MINERvALos Alamos National LabPostdocMcFarland, K.HEP
2020Ranken, EvanHigh Energy Physics: from Quantum Field Theory to Higgs Coupling MeasurementUniversity of RochesterPostdocDemina, R.HEP
2020Zhou, HongzheNew Perspectives on Mean-Field Theories of Astrophysical Dynamos and Accretion DisksNordic Institute of Theoretical PhysicsPostdocBlackman, E.A/AP
2020Marschall, TedThe Role of Particle Shape in Granular Rheology and JammingTeitel, S.CMT
2020Cabrera, MarioDevelopment of 15 μm Cutoff Wavelength HgCdTe Detector Arrays for AstronomyConceptual Analytics, LLCDetector EngineerForrest, W. A/AP
2019Davies, AndrewPicosecond Thomson-Scattering Spectroscopy Investigation of Thermodynamics in Laser-Plasma AmplifiersTopcon Healthcare SolutionsSr. ScientistFroula, D.PL
2019Mellon, SamuelThe β Pictoris b Ring (bRing) Survey of the Southern SkyMamajek, E.A/AP
2019Khaitan, Dev AshishPulse Shape Discrimination in the LUX Dark Matter DetectorUniversity of RochesterPostdocWolfs, F.HEP
2019Garcell, ErikFunctionalization of Materials via Femtosecond-Pulsed Laser IrradiationIP.ComEngineerGuo, ChunleiCM/QO
2019Rho, Chang DongSearching for TeV Gamma-ray Emission from Compact Binaries with the HAWC ObservatoryUniversity of SeoulPostdocBenZvi, S.HEP
2019Woo, Ka MingThe Influence of Three Dimensional Effects on the Core Dynamics and Nuclear Measurements of Inertial Fusion ImplosionsLaboratory for Laser EnergeticsPost-DocBetti, R.PL
2019Nevins, ThomasFronts and Filaments: Methods for Tracking and Predicting the Dynamical Effects of Advection on Excitable ReactionsVerus



Kelley, D.CME
2019Knarr, SamCompressive Characterization of High-Dimensional Classical and Quantum Light SourcesL3Harris TechnologiesEngineerHowell, J.QOE
2019Nisa, Mehr UnConstraining TeV-scale Astrophysical Foregrounds for Dark Matter Searches with HAWCMichigan State UniversityPost-DocBenZvi, S.PPE
2019Rogers, StevenHigh-Q Microcavities as Multifunctional Elements for Chip-Scale Nonlinear and Quantum OpticsJohns Hopkins University Applied Physics LaboratoryPost-DocLin, Q.QOE
2018Duh, Yi-TingConstraining the top-Higgs Yukawa coupling with tt̅ at √𝑠=13 TeV with CMS experimentCERN (Brown University)Post-DocDemina, R. PPE
2018Moongweluwan, MongkolMeasurements of the LUX Trigger EfficiencyKingpowerData ScientistWolfs, F.PPE
2018Osapoetra, Laurentius (Oscar)Quantitative Corneal Elastography using High-frequency UltrasoundSunnybrookPost-DocMcAleavey, S.CMT
2018Chen, ZhuoEvolution of low-mass symbiotic binariesUnivesity of AlbertaCITA National Post-DocFrank, A.A/AP
2018Polsin, DanaeHigh-Pressure Phase Transformations of Ramp-Compressed Aluminum and SodiumLaboratory for Laser Energetics; Asst ProfessorStaff Scientist; Mechanical EngineeringBoehly, T.PL
2018Barnak, DanielApplications of Magnetic Fields in High Energy Density PlasmasLaboratory for Laser EnergeticsPost-DocBetti, R.PL
2018Stillman, CollinHigh-Energy-Density Radiative and Material Properties Studies using Picosecond X-Ray SpectroscopyHarris CorporationImage ScientistFroula, D.PL
2018Lum, DanielCharacterizing High-Dimensional Optical Systems with Applications in Compressive Sensing and Quantum Data LockingMITRESr. Quantum Optics SpecialistHowell, J.QOE
2018Lo, Kin HoSearch for supersymmetry in p-p collisions at √s=13 TeV using the αT variable with the CMS detectorCERNData AnalystGarcia-Bellido, A.PPE
2018Vigoren, AndrewEncoding and Decoding Depth from Images by Controlling Statistics and Spatial CoherenceQuality Vision InternationalResearch ScientistZavislan, J.QOT
2017Bose, ArijitDirect Drive Inertial Confinement Fusion: Analysis of the Implosion CoreMITPost-DocBetti, R.PL
2017Tian, JustinTheory of Strong-Field IonizationsBostonMediTechEngineerEberly, J.QOT
2017Winkler, JustinWeak-value Slow-light InterferometryHowell, J.QOE

Kinnischtzke, Laura

Quantum Dot PhotonicsSydor


Vamivakas, N.QOE
2017Fogerty, ShaneThe Composition and Evolution of Cosmic Dust Spectroscopic Studies of Interstellar and Protoplanetary SilicatesLos Alamos National LabForrest, W.A/AP
2017Malhotra, TanyaInterferometric Spatial Mode Analysis in OpticsFacebookScientistVamivakas, N.CM
2017Fogerty, EricaThe Formation of Stars: From Clouds to CoresLos Alamos National LaboratoryPost-DocFrank, A.A/AP
2017Davis, AmandaLaser ablation and hydrodynamic coupling in direct-drive inertial-confinement-fusion experimentsJohns Hopkins University of Applied Physics LaboratoryStaff ScientistFroula, D.PL
2017Little, BethanyDynamic Gratings and Other Applications of DispersionSandia National LabPostdocHowell, J.QOE
2017Lyons, KevinPrecision Optical Measurements Using Weak Values and Nonclassical StatesRho AlData ScientistJordan, A.QOT
2017Iwamoto, KonosukeNeutrino Oscillation Measurements with An Expanded Electron Neutrino Appearance Sample in T2KUniversity of TokyoPost-DocMcFarland, K.PPE
2017Martinez, JulianWeak-Values Metrological Techniques for Parameter EstimationStanford UniversityPost-DocHowell, J.QOE
2017Verma, PrashantBeamforming Strategies for Plane Wave Vascular ElastographySonavex, Inc.Research EngineerDoyley, M.CM
2017Marshall (Gregor), MichelleThe Shock and Release Behaviors of Diamond at Terapascal PressuresLaboratory for Laser EnergeticsScientistBoehly, T.PL
2017Bodman, EvaModeling Variability and Irregular Transits from Circumstellar Disks and DebrisArizona State University (NASA)NExSS NPP FellowQuillen, A.A/AP
2017Serafini, JohnUltrafast Optical and Electronic Characterization of (Cd,Mg) Te Single CrystalsRochester Institute of TechnologyPost-DocSobolewski,R.CM
2017Mislivec, AaronMeasurement of Charged Current Coherent Pion Production by Neutrinos on Carbon at MINERvAUniversity of MinnesotaPost-DocMcFarland, K.PPE
2017Xin, RanAll-Fiber, Directly Chirped Laser Source for Chirped-Pulse-AmplificationV FundDirector, Investment ResearchZuegel, J.PPF
2016Lai, Yi-MingIntegrated Nanophotonics with Genetically Designed Photonic Crystal StructuresApplied MaterialsAccount TechnologistBadolato, A.CM
2016Scott, ErinWindows to Other Worlds: Modeling Systems in TransitChinese Academy of SciencesPost-DocMamajek, E.A/AP
2016Hansen, AzureTopological Spin Textures in Spinor Bose-Einstein Condensates Generated by Stimulated Raman InteractionsNational Istitute of Standards and Technology (NIST)Post-DocBigelow, N.QOE
2016Marshall, ChrisMeasurement of charged kaon production by neutrinos at MINERvAUniversity of RochesterAssistant ProfessorMcFarland, K.PPE
2016Lu, XiyuanSilicon and Silicon Carbide Photonics and the ApplicationsUniversity of MarylandPost-DocLin, Q.QOE
2016Chantasri, AreeyaStochastic path integral formalism for continuous quantum measurementGriffith University and Mahidol UniversityResearch Fellow and LecturerJordan, A.QOE
2016Moolekamp, FredLow Mass Stellar and Substellar Objects in Scorpius CentaurussoZen IncResearch ScientistMamajek, E.A/AP
2016Hansen, EddieOutflows from Young Stellar Objects: Bringing Numberical Simulations Closer to Observations of Herbig-Haro ObjectsUniversity of ChicagoPost-DocFrank, A.A/AP
2016Huang, JinxinNanometer-class Optical Coherence Tomography for In Vivo Imaging of the Tear Film DynamicsRolland, J.CME
2016Greenwood, LeviQuantum Phase Space in Curved SpacetimeDas, A.PPT
2016Lai, WeiMolecules in Strong Laser FieldsTravelers InsuranceAnalystGuo, ChunleiCME
2016Tepp, GabrielleSeismic Analysis of Magmatism in the Galapagos Archipelago and East AfricaUSGS Alaska Volcano ObservatoryFellowEbinger, C.GP
2016Choi, YunjinTopics in Quantum Transport of Charge and Heat in Solid State SystemsUniversity of California, RiversidePostdocJordan, A.QOT
2016Viza, GerardoWeak-Value Metrology and Shot-Noise LImited MeasurementsIntelScientistHowell, J.QOE
2016Nyibule, ShethPrompt Aligned Binary, Ternary and Quaternary FragmentationRochester Institute of Technology and University of RochesterVisiting lecturer and instructorSchroeder, U.NP
2016Follett, RussellThe Multiple-Beam Two-Plasmon-Decay InstabilityLaboratory for Laser EnergeticsPost-DocFroula, D.PPF
2016Aytenfisu, AsaminewApplying and Improving the Amber RNA Force FieldUniversity of Maryland School of PharmacyPost-DocMathews, D.BP
2015Schneeloch, JamesOn Position-Momentum Entanglement, Nonlocality, and MeasurementAir Force Research LabsNational Research Council FellowHowell, JohnQO
2015Neukirch, LeviOptomechanics with Levitated NanodiamondsLos Alamos National LabPost-DocVamivakas, N.QO
2015Baker, JamesDevelopment of a Two Dimensional Photonic Crystal Biosensing PlatformCornellLSC Physics LecturerMiller, B.CM
2015Eshaq, YossofSearch for New Physics in All-hadronic Events with AlphaT in 8 TeV Data with CMSYelpData Science ManagerGarcia-Bellido, A.PPE
2015Forrest, ChadMeasurements of the Fuel Distribution in Cryogenic D-T Director Drive ImplosionsLaboratory for Laser EnergeticsScientistMeyerhofer, D.PL
2015Hashemi Rafsanjani, Seyed MohammadTheory of Multipartite Entanglement for X-StatesUniversity of MiamiAssistant ProfessorEberly, J.QOT
2015Nauman, FarrukhTurbulence in Rotating and Non-Rotating Magnetohydrodynamic Shear FlowsChalmers University of TechnologyPost-DocBlackman, E.A/AP
2015Nora, RyanHydrodynamics of Inertial Confinement Fusion: Conventional Hot Spot and Shock IgnitionLivermore National LabPost-DocBetti, R.PPF
2015Qing, LanSpin Transport in Semiconductors Manipulated by Extrinsic FactorsUniversity of MarylandPost-DocDery, H.CM
2015Trivedi, DharaDynamics of Photoexcited State of Semiconductor Quantum DotsClarksonAssistant ProfessorPrezhdo, O.CM
2015Wang, ChenggongInterface Studies of Organic/Transition Metal Oxide with Organic semiconductors and the Interfaces in the Perovskite Solar CellX-Vision Lab at Visionox - ChinaDeputy DirectorGao, Y.CM
2015Wolcott, JeremyMeasurement of the Charged-Current Quasi-Elastic Cross-Section for Electron Neutrinos on a Hydrocarbon TargetTuftsPost-DocManly, S.PPE
2015Wu, YegangStatistical Properties of Disordered Jammed Packings of Frictionless DisksBloombergResearch AssociatedTeitel, S.CM
2014Agarwal, ShantanuUsing Qubits to Reveal Quantum Signatures of an OscillatorBloombergResearch AssociateEberly, J.QOT
2014Ambrose, DanielMeasurement of the realitive strong-phase differenceUniversity of Minnesota, FermilabResearch AssociateThorndike, E.PPE
2014Betchart, BurtonMeasurement of Charge Asymmetry in Top Quark Pair Production at the Large Hadron ColliderUniversity of RochesterPost-DocDemina, R.PPE
2014Howland, GregoryCompressive Sensing for Quantum ImagingAir Force Research LabsNational Research Council FellowHowell, J.QOE
2014Kar, ArnabRenormalization from Classical to Quantum PhysicsUniversity of Rochester - Chemistry Dept.Post-DocRajeev, S.R.PPT
2014Li, ShuleHeterogeneous Flow in Interstellar Medium and Start FormationGoogleSoftware EngineerFrank, A.A/AP
2014Neukirch, AmandaExcited State Dynamics in Nanoscale SystemsLos Alamos National LabPost-DocPrezhdo, O.CMT
2014Qian, Xiao-FengEffect of Non-interacting Quantum Background on Entanglement DynamicsUniversity of RochesterPost-DocEberly, J.QOT
2014Song, YangTheory of Intrinsic Spin-Dependent Transport in Semiconductors and Two-Dimensional MembranesUniversity of Maryland-College ParkPost-DocDery, H.CM
2013Park, Jaewon(High Energy Physics)Virginia TechPost-DocMcFarland, K.PPE
2013Cho, Seong KeunStudies on the partially coherent fields and the coherence measurement methodsMITPost-DocAlonso, M.QOT
2013Chang, Po-YuLaser-Driven Magnetic-Flux Compression: Theory and ExperimentsInstitute of Space and Plasma Sciences at National Cheng Kung University, TaiwanAssistant ProfessorBetti, R.PPF
2013Chvojka, JesseAnti-Neutrino Charged Current Quasi-Elastic Scattering in MINERvAWaterfield EnergySenior Software DeveloperMcFarland, K.PPE
2013Day, MelanieElectron Neutrinos in the Pi-Zero Detector of the T2K ExperimentUber ATGSenior Software EngineerMcFarland, K.PPE
2013Dressel, JustinIndirect Observable Measurement: an Algebraic ApproachChapman UniversityAssistant ProfessorJordan, A.QOT
2013Groves, ElizabethSoliton Solutions for High-Bandwith Optical Pulse Storage and RetrievalExponent Failure AnalysisManaging ScientistEberly, J.QOT
2013Kim, Kyoung HeeEvolution of Protoplanetary Disks in the Orion A Star-Forming RegionKorea Astronomy and Space Science InstitutePost-DocWatson, D.A/AP
2013Moore, AlexDynamical simulations of extrasolar planetary systems with debris disks using a GPU based N-body CodeQuillen, A.A/AP
2013Park, JaehongParticle energization and energy transfer in collisionless astrophysical plasmasBerkeley LabPost-DocRen, C.PL
2013Park, KiwanTopics in Plasma Astrophysics: Theory and Simulation of Magnetohydrodynamic Dynamos and Faraday Rotation for Plasmas of General CompositionUniversity of HeidelbergPost-DocBlackman, E.A/AP
2013Pecaut, MarkThe Star-formation History and Accretion Disk Fraction of the Scorpius-Centaurus OB AssociationRockhurst UniversityAssistant ProfessorMamajek, E.A/AP
2013Tsai, Yun-TseMeasurement of Electroweak Top Quark ProductionFermiLabPost-DocGarcia-Belliod, A.PPE
2013Wang, XuTheory of Strong-Field Atomic Ionization for Elliptical or Circular PolarizationKansas State UniversityPost-DocEberly, J.QOT
2013Walters, PeterMomentum-integrated Elliptic Flow and Transverse Collision Geometry in Ultrarelativistic Nucleus--Nucleus CollisionsEndeavor Capital ManagementAssociateManly, S.PPE
2012IrfanImprovement of Charge Transfer between Electrode and Semiconductor by Thing Metal Oxide InsertionAligarh Muslim UniversityAssistant ProfessorGao, Y.CME
2012Carroll-Nellenback, JonathanModeling Turbulence in Molecular CloudsUniversity of RochesterPost-DocFrank, A.A/AP
2012Starling, DavidPrecision Measurement in Quantum OpticsPenn State UniversityAssist. ProfessorHowell, J.QOE
2012Wang, HuiSimulation of Organic Light-Emitting Diodes and Organic Photovoltaic DevicesFinancial AnalystTang, C. and Rotherberg, L.CME
2012Wakim, AmyLuminorefrigeration of NaCsKLA-TencorSystems EngineerBigelow, N.QOE
2012Yadav, AmritaDevelopment of Arrayed Imaging Reflectometry as a Biomolecular Interaction Analysis PlatformForteBioScientistMiller, B./Gao, Y.CME
2012Zabawa, PatrickProduction of Ultracold, Absolute Vibrational Ground State NaCs MoleculesESIEngineerBigelowQOE
2012Bharadwaj, PalashAntenna-coupled Photoemission from Single Quantum EmittersUniversity of RochesterPost-DocNovotny, L.QOE
2012Mitra, AnirbanLabel-free Optical Detection of Viruses and NanoparticlesASMLSenior Design EngineerNovotny, L.QOE
2012Orbaker, DouglasMeasurement of the forward-backward asymmetry in top-antitop quark events in the lepton+jets channel at D0University of RochesterPost-DocDemina, R.PPE
2011Dixon, Paul BenjaminQuantum Imaging and InformationMITPost-DocHowell, J.QOE
2011Hager, JonathanRayleigh-Taylor Experiments in Materials and Conditions Relevant to Ignition in Inertial Confinement FusionSUNY GeneseoLecturerKnauer, J., Meyerhofer, D.PPF
2011Insler, JonathanDs Exclusive Semileptonic Decays at CLEO-cLouisiana State Univ.Post-DocThorndike, E.PPE
2011Lahiri, MayukhContributions to the Theories of Coherence and Polarization of LightUniversity of ViennaPost-DocWolf, E.QOT
2011Miner, DanielStudy of Quark Substructure Using Proton-Proton CollisionsFranfurt Institute for Advanced Studies Post-DocDemina, R.PPE
2011Perillan, JoseA Reexamination of Early Debates on the Interpretation of Quantum Theory: De Broglie to BohmVasserAssistant ProfessorBrown, T., Eberly, J.H., Bigelow, N.Cross-Disciplinary Physics
2011Vudya Setu, Parveen KumarSlow Light, Stopped Light and Guided Light in Hot Rubidium Vapor Using Off-resonant InteractionsIntel Corp.EngineerHowell, J.QOE
2011Williams, NathanWeak Measurement in Solid State and Optical SystemsWillamette Univ.Visiting Assist. ProfessorJordan, A.QOT
2010Yirak, KristopherHeterogeneous Interactions in the Interstellar MediumLos Alamos National Lab.Post-DocFrank, A.A/AP
2010Barrios Garcia, Maria AlejandraPrecision Equation of State Measurements on Hydrocarbons in the High Energy Density RegimeLLNL National Ignitition FacilityPost-DocBoehly, T., Meyerhofer, D.PPF
2010Broadbent, CurtisApplications of High-Dimensional Photonic EntanglementUniversity of RochesterPost-DocHowell, J.QOE
2010Pan, DongTime-Resolved Photoresponse Studies of Ferromagnet/Superconductor Nano-Bilayers and NanostructuresNewport Corp.Business ManagerSobolewski, R./CME
2012Sullivan, KelleyMultiphoton Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching Advancements for Novel In Vivo ApplicationsIthaca CollegeAssistant ProfessorBrown, E./Wolfs, Fr.PPE
2010Ding, HuanjunSurface and Interface Studies of Organic SemiconductorsUniv. of CaliforniaPostdocGao, Y.CME
2010Haimberger, ChristopherPhotoassociation of Ultracold NaCsUniv. of RochesterPostdocBigelow, NQOE
2010Betancourt-Benitez, RicardoCone Beam Computed Tomography: Development of System Characterization Metrics and ApplicationsUniv. PennsylvaniaMedical PhysicistNing, R./Gao, Y.MED PHY

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