Graduate Program

Alumni 1990-1999

PHD Name of Graduate Thesis Title Current Appointment Position Advisor Field
1999 Begel, Michael Production of high-mass pairs of direct photons and neutral mesons in a tevatron fixed-target experiment. Univ. Rochester, Physics & Astronomy Dept. Postdoc (Lobkowicz Prize 1999) Slattery, P. HEE
1999 Buerke, Brian J. Accurate measurement of tunneling ionization rates of atoms in a high-intensity laser field. Albright College Assist. Professor Meyerhofer, D. PP
1999 Carney, Paul Scott Optical theorems in statistical wavefields with applications. UIUC, ECE Dept. Assist. Professor Wolf, E. QOT
1999 Cassada, Josh A. Search for new particles decaying into tet pairs. U.S. Navy U.S. Naval Aviator Tipton, P. HEE
1999 Chaloupka, Jan Lucien Observation of electron trapping in an intense laser beam. College of William and Mary Assist. Professor Meyerhofer, D. QOE
1999 Goodno, Gregory Ultrafast heterodyne-detected grating studies of heme protein dynamics using diffractive optics / by Gregory D. Goodno. TRW Scientist Miller, R.J.D./Bigelow, N. CHEMPHYS
1999 Gupta, Vinita Probing interaction dynamics of azulene in solution and amorphous environments using temperature dependent emission spectroscopy Halcyon Inc., Toronto Marketing Coordinator Myers Kelley, A. CHEMPHYS
1999 Herr, Andrea M. Superconducting electronics : prospects for digital and quantum computing. Sierra Monolithics Scientist Bocko, M. CME
1999 Hull, Edward L. Spectroscopy and characterization of turbid media within the diffusion and P b3 s approximations. InLight Solutions Sr. Scientist Foster, T. BP
1999 Khan, Adil A. Lattice-gas models of interfacial dynamics. The Hartford Analyst Schnidman, Y./Shapir, Y. CMT
1999 Kuzmich, Alexander Investigation of non-classical states of atoms and photons. Georgia Institute of Tech. Assist. Professor Mandel, L. QOE
1999 Lee, Chi-Wei Herbert Symmetry algebras of quantum matrix models in the large-N limit. Univ. Copenhagen Postdoc Rajeev, S. HET
1999 Markiel, J. Andrew Solar and stellar dynamo models. Univ. Washington Postdoc Thomas, J./Van Horn, H.M. A/AP
1999 McNaught, Stuart James Precise measurements of electron initial conditions for tunneling ionization in an intense, elliptically polarized laser field. Cutting Edge Optronics Scientist Meyerhofer, D. QOE
1999 Pu, Han Properties of multiple component Bose-Einstein condensates. Rice Univ. Assist. Professor Bigelow, N.
1999 Rahman, Ashiqur Optical pulse propagation in inhomogeneously broadened V-type three-level media. Xtera, Dallas Scientist Eberly, J.H. QOT
1999 Reis, David A. Emittance measurements from a laser driven electron injector. University of Michigan Assistant Prof. Meyerhofer, D./Melissinos, A. HEE
1999 Simon, Michael Wilhelm Spectroscopy of neutron-rich nuclei produced in the spontaneous fission of p252 sCf. Applied Biosystems Scientist Cline, D. NPE
1998 Bloomer, John D. Infrared study of cometary compact H II regions. Raytheon Systems Systems Engineer Watson, D. A/AP
1998 Branning, David Andrew Optical tests of complementarity and nonlocality. Univ. IL at Urbana-Champaign Visiting Assist. Professor Mandel, L. QOE
1998 Ejnisman, Renato Studies with ultracold atoms. McKinsey & Co. Brazil Consultant Bigelow, N. QOE
1998 Gupta, Pramod S. Monte Carlo studies of the lattice two dimensional Coulomb gas. IBM, Toronto Staff Teitel, S. CMT
1998 Hahn, Ki Suk Multijet cross section ratios in pep collisions at [square root] s [equals] 1.8 TeV. Lucent Technologies Research Scientist Lobkowicz, F. HEE
1998 Koffas, Thomas Positron production in multiphoton light-by-light scattering. CERN Research Fellow Melissinos, A.C. HEE
1998 Roald, Colin Bruce Nonlinear solar dynamo models with magnetic back-reactions. Revbox Internet Developer Thomas, J. A/AP
1998 Rudy, Paul T. Manipulation of laser cooled atoms via dynamical optical potentials. Coherent Laser Group Scientific Engineer Bigelow, N.
1998 Soloman, Steven L. Near infrared spectroscopic imaging of NGC 7023 and charge trapping in InSb photodiode arrays. Acumen Consulting, Santa Barbara Scientist/Engineer Forrest, W. A/AP
1998 Turano, Edward J. Spatiotemporal evolution of stimulated Raman scattering driven by short laser pulses. Lawrence Livermore Nat'l Lab. Scientist McKinstrie, C./Simon, A.
1997 Bryan, Diane Carol Breakup of 16O and its astrophysical implications. Eastman Kodak, Co. Research Scientist Wolfs, F. NPE
1997 Casey, Dylan Patrick Measurement of the transverse momentum of dielectron pairs in proton-antiproton collisions. St. Johns College Assistant Prof. Ferbel, T. HEE
1997 Chen, Tao Investigations of fluctuations of vortex lines in high Tuc superconductors. LexisONE Head, Internet Technology Teitel, S. CMT
1997 Choong, Vi-En Micro- and macroscopic investigation of interfaces in organic light emitting devices. Motorola Staff Scientist Gao, Y. CME
1997 Collins, Timothy James B. Accretion disk boundary layers. Univ. of Rochester, LLE Scientist Van Horn, H/Helfer, H.L. A/AP
1997 Diol, Sabrina Jyotsna Ultrafast electron dynamics at GaAs (100) quantum well surfaces. Eastman Kodak Co. Sr. Research Scientist Miller, R.J.D./Gao, Y. CHEMPHYS
1997 Fan, Qun Measurement of the charge asymmetry in W decays produced in pep collisions. Stanford Medical Center Research Scientist Bodek, A. HEE
1997 Freeman, Charles George Measurement of the BGP lifetime. SUNY-Geneso Assoc. Professor Wolfs, F. NPE
1997 Henderson, Robert James Finite formulations of renormalizable theories. Element Re Capital Products, Inc Vice President Rajeev, S. HET
1997 Herrick, Diane M. Nucleon transfer at large internuclear distances in CBS + 92,96,A@@Mo. SUNY-Geneseo Visiting Assist. Professor Wolfs, F. NPE
1997 Kalinski, Matthew (Maciej K.) Quantum theory of a hydrogen atom in a circularly polarized electromagnetic field near the principal resonance. Utah State Postdoc Eberly, J.H. QOT
1997 Kurz, Kristin Lynn Nucleon transfer in the 35,37Cl + 58,60,62,64Ni systems. Lawrence Livermore Nat'l Lab. Scientist Wolfs, F. NPE
1997 Lobad, Ahmed I. Femtosecond spectroscopy of trapping and recombination processes in low temperature grown GaAs and InGaAs. Los Alamos Research Scientist Fauchet, P. CME
1997 Misra, Aalok SU(2) heavy baryon chiral perturbation theory for one- and two- nucleon processes : application to pion double charge exchange to one loop. Institute of Physics, India Sr. Postdoc Koltun, D. NPT
1997 Roberts, Scott Eric Studies of the hadronic mass spectrum from semileptonic decays of B mesons. Dow Construction, WA Technical and Information Manager Thorndike, E. HEE
1997 Tollefson, Kirsten Anne Measurement of the top quark mass. Michigan State Assist. Professor Tipton, P. HEE
1997 Torgerson, Justin R. Investigations of local-realism and the quantum phase. Los Alamos Scientist Mandel, L. QOE
1996 Boege, Steven Evidence of light-by-light scattering with real photons. Applied Biosystems Sr. Optical Engineer Melissinos, A.C. HET
1996 Boris, David Experimental studies of polyelectrolyte solution properties. Eastman Kodak Sr. Scientist Colby, R. CME
1996 Cai, Tianwu Mechanical effect in the two-dimensional laser-atom interaction. Bigelow, N. QOE
1996 Cao, Jianming Time-resolved two-photon photoemission studies of electron dynamics at metal surfaces. Florida State, Nat'l Magnetic Lab. Assist. Professor Gao, Y. CME
1996 Fatyga(Hodel), Mary Kathryn Dijet angular distributions in pep collisions at [square root] s=1.8 TeV. Lucent Industries Scientist Lobkowicz, F. HEE
1996 Fischer, George L. Third-order nonlinear optical properties of composite materials. Lucent Technologies Member of Technical Staff Boyd, R./Mandel, L. QOE
1996 Fry, Alan R. Novel pulse train glass laser for RF photoinjectors. Positive Light, CA Laser Scientist Melissinos, A.C. HEE
1996 Howard, Eric M. Multiwavelength study of the process of high-mass star formation. High School in Massachusetts High School Teacher Pipher, J.L. A/AP
1996 Johnson, Mark Winslow Aspects of photodetection in superconductors. TRW Scientist Kadin, A. CME
1996 Kiriakakis, Stavros Another approach to symmetries and the special theory of relativity : the derivation of the two fundamental principles of the special theory of relativity and their unification into one, more general, principle. Kyburg, H./Watson, D. PHIL
1996 Koehn, Phillip Todd Measurement of the heavy flavor content of jets in pep collisions at [square root]s=1.8 TeV. Ohio State Research Associate Tipton, P. HEE
1996 Kotseroglu, Theofilos Observation of nonlinear Compton scattering. Ilumina Corp. Scientist Melissinos, A.C. HEE
1996 Lusignan, Charles P. Influence of the linear chain length between branch points on branched polymer structure and rheology. Eastman Kodak Scientist Colby, R. CMT
1996 Narducci, Francesco A. Photon correlation effects in single and multi-atom systems. Naval Air Systems command Physicist Mandel, L. QOE
1996 Nichols, Michael G. Transport of oxygen and light in model tumor systems. Creighton University, NE Assist. Professor Foster, T. BP
1996 Osborne, George B. Direct photon and neutral meson production at high transverse momentum by negative 515 GeV/c pions and 530 GeV/c protons incident upon hydrogen, beryllium, and copper targets. Industry, Rochester Consultant Lobkowicz, F. HEE
1996 Pillai, Manoj Kumar Search for new gauge bosons in epp collisions at [square root] s=1.8 TeV. Industry (India) Software Engineer Bodek, A. HEE
1996 Razafitrimo, Hajanirina Spectroscopy and microscopy studies of conjugated polymers in light-emitting diode. Mindready Solutions Inc., Montreal Consultant Gao, Y. CME
1996 Swain, Mark Raboin Multifrequency, multiconfiguration VLA study of the radio galaxy 3C353 / by Mark Raboin Swain. Jet Propulsion Lab., CA Scientist Watson, D./Bridle, A. A/AP
1996 Turgut, Osman Teoman Loop algebras and gauge theories. Bogazici Univ., Turkey Assoc. Professor Rajeev, S. HET
1996 Won, Eunil Top quark production in multi-jet final states. Seoul National Univ. Research Associate Ferbel, T. HEE
1995 Cretsinger, Cathy E. Search for the top quark in the all-jets channel. Townsend&Townsend&Crew, LLP Lawyer Ferbel, T. HEE
1995 Cule, Dinko Glassy properties of surfaces growing on random substrates. Shapir, Y. CMT
1995 de Barbaro, Lucyna Omega meson production at high transverse momentum by negative 515 GeV/c pions incident on beryllium and copper targets. Lucent Technologies Scientist Slattery, P. HEE
1995 Devlin, Matthew J. Sub-barrier quasielastic reactions in EHNi + AFBDy and AAGSn + BCIPu. Los Alamos Senior Scientist Cline, D. NPE
1995 Ernst, Jesse Abram First measurement of the rate for the inclusive radiative penguin decay b --> s [gamma]. SUNY-Albany Assist. Professor Thorndike, E. HEE
1995 Ettedgui, Emile E. Surface and interface studies of light emitting semiconducting materials. Rand Corporation, DC Analyst Gao, Y. CME
1995 Guruswamy, Sathya Renormalizable quantum field theories in the large-N limit. Univ. Amsterdam Research Associate Rajeev, S. HET
1995 Ibbotson, Richard W. Octupole and quadrupole correlations in ADHNd and AE@Sm studied by Coulomb excitation. Computer Industry Engineer Cline, D. NPE
1995 Kostoulas, Yiorgos K. Femtosecond carrier dynamics in III-V semiconductors grown at low substrate temperatures. Fauchet, P. CME
1995 Lappas, Demetris G. Aspects of electron correlation in one-dimensional electron-hydrogen scattering. Imperial College, UK Eberly, J.H. QOT
1995 Moore, Christopher I. Observation of the transition from Thomson to Compton scattering in optical multiphoton interactions with electrons. Eberly, J.H. QOE
1995 Olbris, Donald J. Influence of surface-active molecules on fluid interfaces. Brandeis Univ., Biophysics Research Associate Shapir, Y. CMT
1995 Palese, Stephen P. Measurements and effects of the Raman active nuclear distribution in the condensed phase. TRW Scientist Miller, R.J.D. SSE
1995 Perera, P.A. Aloy Search for peak structures in the positron-electron sum-energy spectra for the BCHU+AHATa system at 6.3, 6.1, and 5.95 MeV/u. Sri Lanka University Professor Wolfs, F. NPE
1995 Qian, Jun Photodissociation studies of size-selected solvated strontium cation clusters. Bigelow, N./Farrar, J. CHEM
1995 Satyapal, Shobita Probing the dust enshrouded nuclei of the starburst galaxy systems M82 and Arp 299 : high spatial resolution near-infrared Fabry-Perot imaging observations. George Mason University, Arlington Virginia Assist. Professor Watson, D. A/AP
1995 Turner, Paula Comisky Near infrared observations of merging galaxy systems : NGC 520, NGC 1614, and NGC 5128. Kenyon College Assoc. Professor Forrest, W. A/AP
1995 Velissaris, Christos Dilepton production cross section and asymmetry measurements at 58.0 GeV eJeK annihilation, with the AMY detector at TRISTAN. New Mexico State Postdoc Bodek, A./Olsen HEE
1995 Wang, Xiangdong Surface restricted grating studies of interfacial charge transfer dynamics at n-GaAs (100) liquid junction. Miller, R.J.D. CHEM
1995 Xu, Zhiwei Mid-infrared spectroscopy in p-type quantum wells and hydrogenated amorphous silicon with a free electron laser : second harmonic generation and degenerate pump-probe techniques. Fauchet, P. CME
1994 Battle, Mark O. Full reconstruction of semileptonic B meson decays. Bowdoin College Assist. Professor Thorndike, E. HEE
1994 Bedaque, Paulo S. Topics in real time finite temperature field theory. Univ. Maryland Faculty Das, A. HET
1994 Borders, John P. Optimization of jet energy resolution and response of the D" detector. Credit Suisse, NY Analyst Ferbel, T. HEE
1994 Chen, Hong X-ray emission from picosecond laser plasmas. Lawrence Livermore Nat'l Lab. Meyerhofer, D./Eberly, J. PP
1994 Datar, Sameer Datar Diffusion of ion-implanted chlorine in silicon. Gove, H./Lavine, J. NPE
1994 Dickson, Mark Charge asymmetry in W boson decays produced in pep collisions. MIT Lincoln Labs Technical Staff Member Bodek, A. HEE
1994 Fougeres, Andre Theory and measurements of the operational quantum phase. Institute National d'Optique, Canada Mandel, L. QOE
1994 Franz, Marcel Two aspects of the physics of superconducting materials. Univ. British Columbia, Canada Assioc. Professor Teitel, S. CMT
1994 Grayson, Timothy P. Indistinguishability and coherence in the time and frequency domains. Mandel, L. QOE
1994 Horvath, Ivan Chiral symmetry on the lattice. Univ. Kentucky Research Professor Das, A. HET
1994 Kim, Bockjoo Studies on Hadronic photon-photon interactions at TRISTAN. Univ. Florida- Gainesville Bodek, A./Olsen HEE
1994 Law, Chi-Kwong Theoretical investigation of the interaction between a moving mirror and radiation fields. Eberly, J.H. QOT
1994 Libonate, G. Scott Identification of the dominant luminosity sources at the galactic center through infrared imaging and spectroscopy. Lockheed-Martin IR Imaging Syst. Engineer Pipher, J.L. PAS
1994 Roser, Robert M. Eta production at high transverse momentum by negative 520 GeV/c pions incident on beryllium and copper targets. Fermi National Laboratory Scientist (Wilson Fellow) Slattery, P. PPE
1994 Tsai, Yan-Chr Surface growth in random systems. Nat'l Chung-Cheng Univ. Shapir, Y. CMT
1994 Varelas, Nikos [pi] production at high transverse momenta from [pi] collisions at 520 GeV/c on Be and Cu targets. Univ. IL-Chicago Assist. Professor Slattery, P. HEE
1994 Wang, Ningjun Green function approach to nonlinear optical spectroscopy of molecular nanostructures. Mukamel, S. CHEM
1994 Watts, Gordon Thomas Evidence for top quark production in epp collisions at [square root symbol] us=1.8 TeV. Univ. Washington Assist. Professor Tipton, P. HEE
1993 Bali, Samir Investigations of single-atom interference effects through elastic scattering. Miami University (Oxford, Ohio) Assist. Professor Mandel, L. QOE
1993 Davis, William Victor Nonlinear optical modification to the polarization and noise properties of a laser beam after propagating through atomic-potassium vapor. Boyd, R./Mandel, L.
1993 Durston, Sarah Joy Study of electromagnetic and hadronic shower shapes and position resolution, and the jet energy response of the D-Zero calorimeter. Univ. La Verne Assist. Professor Ferbel, T. HEE
1993 Ferretti, Gabriele Effective lagrangians and current algebra in three dimensions. Chalmers Institute of Tech, Turkey Assoc. Professor Rajeev, S. HET
1993 Herman, John William Time-resolved structural studies of the low-index faces of lead. Universal Instruments (Comput.Co) Engineer Gao, Y CME
1993 Hirosky, Robert James Response of D-ZERO U-LAr calorimeters at low energies and the effect of oxygen contamination on observed signals. Univ. Virginia Assist. Professor Ferbel, T. HEE
1993 Huang, Wen-Jui Bihamiltonian structure in integrable systems. Deceased Assoc. Professor Das, A. PPT
1993 Lee, Jong Rim Critical behaviors in the two-dimensional lattice coulomb gases : statics and dynamics. Pukyong National Univ., S. Korea Visiting Professor Teitel, S. CMT
1993 Li, Yue Kuan Determination of the strong coupling [alpha]us from jet production rates in e e annihilation at TRISTAN energies. Hughes Aeroscpace Scientist Bodek A. /Olsen HEE
1993 Murphy, Elizabeth Ann Experimental studies of surface melting and time-resolved superheating of metal surfaces. The Bakken Museum, Minn., MN Curator of Education Gao, Y. CM
1993 Noh, Jaewoo Investigation of quantum phase measurement. Inha Univ., S. Korea Mandel, L. QOE
1993 Park, Kenneth Taesung Studies of surface and interface structures of metal, insulator, and semiconductor. Baylor Univ. Assoc. Professor Gao, Y CME
1993 Peatross, Justin Bruce Far-field angular distribution of high-order harmonics produced in light scattering from a thin low-density gas target. Brigham Young Assoc. Professor Meyerhofer, D/Eberly, J. QO/PP
1993 Roberts, Roland Blaine Measurements of sub-barrier transfer yields in S+ Nb, , Mo reactions at 180. Financial Industry Analyst Gazes, S. NPE
1993 Satteson, Michael Roy Nuclear moments of secondary beams from a recoil mass spectrometer. Rutgers Postdoc Gove, H.E. NSRL
1993 Wang, Chung-Hsiang Measurement of the B -eB mixing and CP asymmetry at the (4S). Nat'l. Lien Ho Coll. Techn.&Commerce Assoc. Professor Thorndike, E. PPX
1993 Wang, Liwei Two-channel interaction models in cavity QED. Eberly, J.H. QOT
1993 Wang, Weijian Propagation and interaction of partially coherent light with deterministic media. Wolf, E. QOT
1993 Zou, Xingyu Nonclassical interference effects of down-converted photons. Harmonic Lightwaves Scientist Mandel, L. QOE
1992 Cameron, Ruth E. Search for new photon couplings in a magnetic field. Univ. Calgary Melissinos, A.C. HEE
1992 Cheng, Fat Chi Investigation of dye ring-laser with backscattering and injected signal. Mandel, L. QOE
1992 Helmer, Karl Gerald Heavy-ion transfer reactions with deformed nuclei. Biomedical Engr.,Worcester Polytec. Research Assistant Pof. Cline, D. NSRL
1992 Huang, Hu Initiation of correlation in spontaneous emission from a few atoms. Eberly, J.H. QOT
1992 Hwang-Schweitzer, Robert H. Low-temperature fluorescence studies of excitation energy transfer processes in photosynthesis. Knox, R. S. BP
1992 Kumita, Tetsuro Tests of models for e e annihilation into hadrons and leptons. INS, U of Tokyo Research Associate Bodek, A. HEE
1992 Mason, John Eagan Experimental investigations of the direct breakup of 54-MeV Li + C, Au. Gazes, S. NSRL
1992 Strohmayer, Tod E. On observing neutron star oscillations. NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Senior Scientist Van Horn, H.M. PHY
1992 Wang, Lijun Investigation of induced coherence with and without induced emission. NEC Research Institute Mandel, L. QOE
1991 Augst, Steven Jay Tunneling ionization of noble gas atoms using a high intensity laser at 1 [mu]m wavelength. Meyerhofer, D/Eberly, J. LLE
1991 Bamber, Charles Pulsed-power electron accelerator using laser driven photoconductive switches. GSI Lumonics, Ontario Canada Scientist Melissinos, A.C. HEE
1991 Blum, Thomas Edward Strongly interacting quantum systems in low dimensions. Univ. Pittsburgh, Lasalle Assistant Prof. Shapir, Y. CMT
1991 Kingsley, Lawrence E. Study of picosecond, high-voltage photoconductive switching using electro-optic diagnostics and computer-aided analysis. MCI Scientist Melissinos, A./Donaldson, D. Exp.
1991 Roy, Shibaji Zero curvature condition in the integrable models. Saha Inst. Nuclear Physics, India Assoc. Professor Das, A. HET
1991 Su, Qi-Chang Ionization of a model atomic system by short intense laser pulses / by Qichang Su. Illinois State Univ. Professor Eberly, J.H.
1991 Teichmann, Sabine G. Pre-equilibrium proton emission in 14N-, 16O-, and 28Si-induced fusion reactions below 10 MeV/nucleon. PSI Laboratory Switzerland Scientist Gazes, S. NSRL
1990 Chang, Iksoo Investigations of static and dynamic scaling phenomena in polymeric systems. Pusan National University Professor Shapir, Y. CMT
1990 Chyba, Thomas Stochastic and chaotic effects in the ring laser. Hampton Univ. Assist. Professor Mandel, L. QOE
1990 de Barbaro, Pawel Search for neutral heavy leptons in neutrino-nucleon interactions at the FNAL tevatron. Univ. Rochester Sr. Research Assoc.(Fermilab) Bodek, A. HEE
1990 DeSoi, William Construction and performance of a liquid argon calorimeter for use in experiment E-706 at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. Self Employed Consultant Lobkowicz, F. HEE
1990 Eno, Sarah C. Search for a fourth generation charge -1/3 quark. Univ. Maryland Assoc. Professor Thorndike, E. HEE
1990 Foster, Thomas H. Magnetic resonance, optical, and mathematical methods applied to studies in the biological physics of tissues. Univ. Rochester Prof. of Physics and Radiology Knox, R. S./Bryant, R. G. MED PHYS
1990 Ho, Yiu-Hung Mondic Experimental studies of electron-positron annihilation into four-lepton final states at center-of-mass energies from 50 to 61.4 GeV. Hughes Aeroscpace Scientist Olsen, S. L. HEE
1990 Kim, Young-Kee Gluon radiation in electron-positron annihilation at center-of-mass energies from 50 to 60.8 GeV. Univ. Chicago Professor Olsen, S. L. HEE
1990 Lin, Su Picosecond fluorescence studies of physical processes in green-plant chloroplasts and green algae. Arizona State, Chem&Biochem Knox, R. S. BP
1990 Mansour, John Philip High transverse momentum [pi]j production from [pi]e and p beams at 530 GeV/c on Be and Cu. Insurance Company, Illinois Software Engineer Ferbel, T. PPX
1990 Ou, Zhe-Yu (Jeff) Investigation of nonclassical and nonlocal effects in fourth-order optical interference. Indiana Univ-Purdue Univ., Indianapolis Assoc. Professor Mandel, L. QOE
1990 Prebys, Eric J. A study of high transverse momentum direct photon production from beryllium and copper targets with 530 GeV/c incident [pi]- and proton beams. Fermilab, Accelerator Division Scientist Lobkowicz, F. HEE
1990 Ramaswamy, Suresh Renomalization in Chern-Simons gauge theories and vector meson theory 2+1 space. Birla Inst. Technology Professor Hagen, C.R. HET
1990 Semertizidis, Yannis K. Coherent production of light pseudoscalars (axions) inside a magnetic field with a polarized laser beam. Brookhaven National Laboratory Assoc. Professor Melissinos, A.C. PPX
1990 Shaw, Neil Mark Search for unstable heavy neutral leptons in electron-positron annihilations at center-of-mass energies from 50 to 61.4GeV. Goldman Sachs Finanacial Engineer Thorndike, E. PPX
1990 Skow, Dana Duane Study of high transverse momentum eta meson production. Fermi National Laboratory Scientist Lobkowicz, F. PPX
1990 Villate, Jamie Enrique Nuclear properties in a simple quark model. Univ. of Proton, Portugal Profesor Koltun, D. NT
1990 Wang, Xiang Rong Kinetic aggregation and real-space renormalization group. Hong Kong Univ. Sci. & Technology Assoc. Professor Shapir, Y. CMT
1990 Wendell, Charles Edward Magnetic field decay in neutron stars with superconducting cores. Van Horn, H.M. AST
1990 Zheng, Hongwei Charged particle multiplicities in electron-positron annihilation at center-of-mass energies from 50 to 61.4 GeV. EDS Arlington, Texas Software Engineer Olsen, S. L. HEE