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Graduate Programs

Graduate Certificate

The graduate certificate in literary translation (GCLTS) is open to matriculated University of Rochester graduate students who want to pursue literary translation but do not want to write a master’s thesis.

The certificate can complement a number of programs and is equally suited for new translators and seasoned translators.

The certificate program enables students to experience the full process leading to the publication of a translated work—from evaluating a text, acquiring rights, and editing the translation, to designing the cover and launching a promotional campaign for an international author.

This program begins by introducing students to the theory and practice of translation, includes a practical component in the form of a portfolio of independent translation projects, and features an internship at a press specializing in literary translation. The certificate program is based on translation into English.

Program Requirements

The following six components of the GCLTS program are designed for graduate students who want hands-on experience as translators along with a theoretical background in the field of literary translation. A student’s course of study must be approved by a qualified advisor. 

Both of the following courses:

  • LTS 400: Studies in Translation
  • LTS 401: Independent Project and Translation Portfolio*

Plus three of the following:

  • LTS 402 (Fiction) or LTS 402 (Poetry): Writing and Translation Workshop
  • LTS 410: Publishing Internship
  • LTS 4XX: Studies in International Literature (topics vary by semester)
  • LTS 4XX: Advanced Literary Studies (topics vary by semester)

*This is the capstone of the program where students must present at an annual translation conference.