The University of Rochester maintains a reciprocity agreement with several area colleges:

Courses taught during the academic year at these allied institutions are available to our students with no extra tuition charge if those courses are not offered here during that semester or if our courses conflict irremediably with their schedules.

Courses, whether they’re electives or required for the major, must be comparable to courses offered at the University. Students taking courses at area colleges should apprise themselves of the differences in credit systems and plan accordingly.

Students should be aware that grades received in area college courses will not be included in the grade point average, although they will appear on the University of Rochester transcript. Transfer credit is awarded if C or higher grades are earned. Full-time students can take one course each semester; the program is not available to part-time students.

Please note that the dean's approval, not the registrar's, is required of undergraduates who would like to take courses at an allied institution.