Minor and Cluster Requirements

The Film and Media Studies (FMS) Program offers a minor, as well as five clusters in film and media.


Minor Requirements

  • One of the following core introductory courses:
    • FMS 131: Introduction to Media Studies
    • FMS 132: Introduction to the Art of Film
  • One course in film/media history
  • One course in film/media theory
  • Three courses in consultation with the FMS Director

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Students will be admitted to the minor on recommendation of the FMS Director. Alternatively, individualized concentrations for studying motion pictures may also be proposed.


FMS offers five clusters, all in the humanities academic division.

Art of Film
This cluster acquaints students with basic techniques of film analysis and the development of cinema as an art form and a technology.

Film History
This cluster allows students to explore the general evolution of cinematic form, while encouraging more specific historical focus on a tradition, genre, or a region.

This cluster is designed for students whose primary interests and goals are in studio work (film or video production, photography or computer graphics). Students may combine a specialization in one medium with training in an allied medium, or in critical approaches to their chosen medium.

Media Studies
This cluster focuses on the history, theory, and analysis of visual and electronic media and the cultures they help produce.

International Cinemas
This cluster encourages the study of national cinemas in a comparative framework. Students are encouraged to take courses from two different traditions.