Joel Burges

Assistant Professor of English
PhD, Stanford University

413 Morey Hall
(585) 275-2694

Office Hours: By appointment

Research Interests

Post-1945 cultural studies; media studies; critical theory; American and contemporary literature

Burges is currently working on two book projects, a manuscript entitled Turning Back the Clock: Technological Obsolescence and Historical Time in Contemporary Culture and, as co-editor with Amy J. Elias, a collection entitled Contemporalities: Keywords for the Present. Working at the intersection of post-1945 cultural studies, critical theory, and media studies in these projects, Burges is rethinking ideas about time and history that have unduly dominated thought for the past thirty years; he is interested in how that which we have rejected as obsolete, outdated, and old-fashioned figures centrally in the works of post-1980 novelists and filmmakers as a repository for alternative modernities and alternative temporalities, such that the past supersedes the future as the temporal horizon of art and politics alike in their work. Burges is also working on a second book entitled Literature after TV, which explores the intersection of the literary and the televisual both before and after 1945.