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Norman M. Kaplan Memorial Prize

kaplanThe Norman M. Kaplan Memorial Prize was established in March 1974 by the family and friends of Norman M. Kaplan. It is awarded to the PhD student who, having completed two years of study at the University, has given evidence of excellent scholarship through his or her performance in graduate economics courses.

Norman M. Kaplan was Xerox Professor of International Economics at the University of Rochester from 1962 through 1973. He also served as director of graduate studies for many years.

Mrs. Kaplan's statement inaugurating the Kaplan Prize

"I am very pleased that Professor Rosett has asked me to make the award today of the first Norman Kaplan Memorial Prize, because I feel in making this award we are continuing the heritage my husband left all of us, and honoring the memory of a great scholar, a great teacher, a humanitarian -- and a very dear friend."

"I can't help but remember that last year at this time he was here welcoming the new graduate students, virtually with his last bit of strength. Working at the frontiers of knowledge in his field, and sharing that knowledge with the next generation, was the way my husband spent his life. It comforts me greatly to know that if he had those precious years to live over again, he would have chosen to live them exactly the same way."

"He sought no rewards, but of course he had many, in the esteem of his colleagues, and the respect and affection of his students. In setting up this prize, which was the loving work of many friends, I found especially heartwarming the response of my husband's former students, who were enormously generous in their financial contributions, and very warm in their expressed affections for him. I feel deeply grateful -- and very proud."

"I am especially pleased in making the award today to two young men whom my husband had described to me as exceptionally outstanding students in a outstanding graduate class. It gives me great pleasure to present the first annual Norman M. Kaplan Memorial Prize to Robert Flood and Swapan Das Gupta."

Kaplan Prize Winners