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Graduate Program

PhD Candidates on the Job Market

Job Market Candidates

Interested in hiring a department graduate? See our brochure of current job market candidates or review the list below:

Please reach out to our placement contacts with any questions.

Faculty Placement Chair
Paulo Barelli
(585) 275-8075

Graduate Coordinator
Kerri Hoppe
(585) 275-8625 

Corina Boar

Job Market Paper: "Dynastic Precautionary Savings”
Fields: Macroeconomics, Consumption, Entrepreneurship
References: Mark Bils (Advisor), Yongsung Chang, Narayana Kocherlakota, Michael Wolkoff (teaching)

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Umair Khalil

Job Market Paper 1: "Neighborhood Networks and Program Participation"
Job Market Paper 2: "Social Interactions in Voting Behavior: Evidence from India"
FieldsApplied Microeconomics, Health Economics, Law and Economics, Social Interactions
References: Gregorio Caetano (Co-Advisor), Josh Kinsler (Co-Advisor), Kenneth Chay, Brad Humphreys

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Andrew Mackenzie

Job Market Paper: "Club good mechanisms: from free-riders to citizen-shareholders, from impossibility to characterization"
Fields: Mechanism Design, Decision Theory
References: William Thomson (Advisor), Srihari Govindan, Paulo Barelli

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Ana Nadais

Job Market Paper: "Trade Costs: A Supply Chain Perspective"
Fields: International Trade, International Macroeconomics
References: George Alessandria (Advisor), Yan Bai, Dan Lu 

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Yangwei Song

Job Market Paper: "Efficient Implementation with Interdependent Valuations and Maxmin Agents"
Fields: Mechanism Design, Game Theory, Decision Theory
References: Asen Kochov (Co-Advisor), Srihari Govindan (Co-Advisor), Paulo Barelli 

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Ryan Tierney

Job Market Paper: Incentives in a Job Market Clearing House
Fields: Market Design, Resource Allocation, Economies with Indivisibilities
References: William Thomson (Advisor), Yves Sprumont, Lars Ehlers

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