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Tanya Garg


Graduate Student
Entry Year: 2023-2024
Faculty Mentor(s): Benjamin Suarez-Jimenez

454A Meliora Hall

Research Overview

I am interested in investigating the psychological and neural signatures of PTSD using virtual reality and neuroimaging methods.

Selected Publications

  • Garg, T., Votta, C. M., Prakash, N., & Deldin, P. J. (2023). An investigation into the effectiveness of Mood Lifters in the context of trauma exposure. Psychological Services.

Selected Presentations

  • Garg, T., Beurke, M., & Capron, D.W. (2023, April 26-28). Diminished anxiety control and its relationship with increased suicidality in undergraduate women(online poster presentation). Suicide Research Symposium.

Additional Information

2016-2019: University College London, BS in Psychology, First Class Honours; 2019-2020: University College London, MS in Clinical Mental Health Sciences, Distinction