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Graduate Students

duberstein zoe

Zoe Duberstein

Graduate Student
Entry Year: 2020 - 2021
Faculty Mentor(s): Tom O'Connor

498B Meliora Hall
Fax: (585) 273-1100

Research Overview

I am interested in maternal mental health during the perintal period, particularly the impacts of prenatal depression and anxiety on child development. Additionally, I am interested in studying the influence of interpersonal relationships during pregnancy on birth outcomes.

Selected Publications

  • Shallcross AJ, Visvanathan PD, Sperber SH, & Duberstein ZT (2019). Waking up to the problem of  leep: Can mindfulness help? A review of theory and evidence for the effects of mindfulness for sleep. Current Opinion in Psychology, 28, 37-41. 

Selected Research Presentation

  • Park C, Duberstein ZT, Rutigliano M, Malinowski J, Blanc J, Shallcross AJ, Park K, Toma C, Suppogu N, Mehta L, Ibrahim K, Marzo K, Jhalani N, Thomas D, Giesler C, Ahmed B, Mehta P, Reynolds H, Spruill TM (2019). Psychological and demographic correlates of objectively measured sleep duration and quality in women with myocardial infarction. Poster presented at the American Heart AssociationScientific Sessions Conference. 

    Sperber SH, Duberstein ZT, Kalinowski J, Reynolds HR, Berger JS, Spruill TM (2020). Psychosocial Risk Factors for Depression in Women With Myocardial Infarction: Mindfulness and Rumination. Poster presented at the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions Conference. 

    Duberstein ZT, Sperber SH, Kalinowski J, Reynolds HR, Berger JS, Spruill TM (2020). Low resilience is associated with poorer psychological recovery in women with acute myocardial infarction. Poster accepted to the Society of Behavioral Medicine Conference.

Additional Information

2018-2020: Research Assistant, Center for Healthful Behavior Change, NYU School of Medicine (PIs: Drs. Amanda Shallcross and Tanya Spruill)  

2011-2015: University of Rochester, BA, Psychology and Pre-Medical Studies