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Hire a Rochester PhD 2019-2020

The following PhD candidates and recent Rochester PhDs are on the job market this year. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact this year's Placement Director, David Primo.

Name Fields Email
Karen Albert International Relations/Comparative Politics/
Conflict Processes
Peter Bils American Politics/ Formal Theory
Zuheir Desai Formal Theory/ Political Economy/
Comparative Politics
Jacque Gao Formal Theory/ Political Economy/
Comparative Politics/International Relations
YeonKyung (Yeon) Jeong Comparative Politics/ East Asia
Aram Kim Comparative Politics/ American Politics
Youngchae Lee International Relations/ Comparative Politics
Hans Leonard International Relations/ Comparative Politics/
Conflict/ IPE
Andrea Morris International Relations/ Comparative Politics/
Justin Nicholson International Relations/ Conflict/ IPE
Jeheung (Jay) Ryu International Relations/ Comparative Politics
Yu Wang International Relations/ Methods