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INTR 220 Inside the State: Subnational Politics in Comparative Perspectives

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  • Spring 2022
    Spring 2022 — TR 12:30 - 13:45
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    Most of the politics happen at the subnational level - between governors, mayors, and regions' resistance to centralization, we can observe a variety of political behaviors and institutions without ever leaving a country. In this course, we will zoom in at the subnational level to better understand the daily functioning of different political regimes outside of the developed Western democracies. The course will primarily focus on the examples and experiences from two world regions - post-Soviet space and Latin America, offering significant variation in institutions and outcomes at the subnational level. The topics covered in the course include decentralization and local political regimes, the link between subnational politics and national regime transformations, and policy-making at the subnational level.