Requirements for Minor in Jewish Studies

  • JWST 106: Introduction to Hebrew Bible (cross-listed with RELC 101)
  • JWST 113: History of Judaism (cross-listed with RELC 103)
  • Four additional JWST courses, including up to two courses in Hebrew language

Requirements for Minor in Hebrew

  • Any three-course Hebrew language sequence, selected in consultation with the Hebrew instructor. Available courses include: HBRW 101, HBRW 102, HBRW 103, HBRW 104, HBRW 204, HBRW 110, HBRW 391
  • Three additional courses selected among courses in Hebrew language or courses in Hebrew literature in translation or Jewish culture and civilization in which texts originally written in Hebrew are studied (e.g., RELC 101/JWST 106, RELC/JWST 213, RELC/JWST 181, RELC/JWST 222), or among at most two fo the following courses in linguistics and literary translation theories: LING 101, LING 110, or LTS 200

Undergraduate Advising

For more information on minors in Jewish studies or Hebrew, contact:

Dr. Michela Andreatta
425 Rush Rhees Library | (585) 275-7465