The undergraduate Jewish studies program at University of Rochester is designed to enable students to familiarize with the history, religion, philosophy, literatures, languages and politics of Judaism. Currently, the Program offers two minors, a variety of clusters, opportunities outside the classroom, and the possibility to study abroad. Students of all backgrounds are welcome to take Jewish Studies courses and participate in the Program.

Jewish Studies

Jewish civilization developed across a variety of geographical and cultural areas of the world and over thousands of years. The Program reflects these complex, many-faceted and heterogeneous dimensions of the Jewish experience, with classes on the Hebrew Bible, ancient, medieval and modern Jewish history, the Holocaust, Gender Studies, American Judaism, modern Jewish literatures, and classical and modern Hebrew. See our courses page for a complete list.

The Jewish studies minor is structured so that students have considerable independence in shaping their path of study. This allows students to focus on those areas of Judaism that are of greatest interest to them, while also developing a strong foundation in the study of Judaism and a mastery of the methods and theories used by scholars to understand Judaism in all its fascinating complexity.


The Hebrew minor aims to help students reach a proficiency in modern Hebrew through the development and refinement of reading, writing, and speaking skills. In addition to texts, relevant cultural materials are provided through the use of video and technology based materials to enhance students' learning experience.

Four sequential semester-long courses in modern Hebrew are offered from absolute beginner through lower intermediate level, as well as one upper-level class focusing on the language of media and literature. A semester-long introductory class in Biblical Hebrew and the option to pursue credit for independent study are also offered. See our courses page for a complete list.

Students of all backgrounds and levels of experience are welcome to enroll in Hebrew Language instruction courses. Those with previous knowledge of Hebrew are requested to take a placement test before enrolling in a course.

Undergraduate Advising

For more information on minor and cluster requirements, Jewish studies courses, or taking a Hebrew language placement test, contact:

Dr. Michela Andreatta
425 Rush Rhees Library | (585) 275-7465