November 5, 2018

Statement by the Center for Jewish Studies

University of Rochester on Recent Local and National Instances of Antisemitism

The Center for Jewish Studies at the University of Rochester is saddened by recent local and national instances of antisemitism, which culminated in the tragic violence against Jews engaged in worship at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh. We extend our deepest condolences to, and stand in sympathy with, the families of the victims. Since that act, numerous local instances of antisemitism at the University of Rochester have come to our attention. As members of a program that studies Jewish history and culture, we see these attacks, both physical and on pamphlets, as intimately related to the history of violence against Jews and Judaism. As scholars, we remain committed to teaching about the cultural and religious heritage of Jews, and in particular to correcting the hateful rhetoric of antisemitism, racism, other forms of discrimination and violence.