Janice Cook

Janice Cook

  • Adjunct Instructor, Dance Program

MS, Ed




Registered Somatic Movement Therapist
Registered Somatic Movement Educator
Certified Body-Mind Centering® Practitioner
Founder and Principal of Living and Working Well

Jan has studied, breathed, contemplated, danced, and joined others inside the inquiry of personal and cultural transformation for 40 years.

As a senior partner of Vitalwork she integrated the arts and appreciation of diverse learning styles as a viable avenue to support leadership development for systemic change in corporations, not-for-profits, and educational and religious organizations.

Seeing the cost of our stressed-out culture on the quality of our lives, she dove into somatics and formed Living and Working Well, to coach and support those who are facing the stresses of deep commitment, and purpose, to find freedom, perspective, awe, and appropriate action.

She is committed the arts as a vehicle of transformation and a pathway for people to be in dialogue as well as do the inner reflection to discern their true nature and calling.

Currently she is completing a philanthropic grant for designing, collaborating and teaching Embodied Mindfulness practice engaging others in questions like:

  • How do we move through life, and it's sometimes terrible and tender challenges?
  • How do we pause to have choice in how we shape everything we perceive, do, and say?
  • How do we go beyond diagnosis, body image, and habitual patterns, into a powerful partnership with the natural intelligence of our body-mind for personal, interpersonal, and systemic change?