Robin Becker: Film Screening and Artist Talk

Sunday, November 14, 2021
4 p.m.

Spurrier Dance Theatre

Directed by Ron Honsa of Moving Pictures New York
Choreography by Robin Becker

"Into Sunlight: The Film" combines the dance performance, historic events in Vietnam, student protests on the University of Wisconsin campus, and recent footage of the company in Vietnam into a powerful documentary.

"To fully understand the impact of the Vietnam War and the splintering emotions it brings to bear, there are many places one need look: To the battlefield, of course, but also to the campuses, living rooms, cemeteries, and the dark landscape of a veterans' mind. Into Sunlight, a dance based on a book by Washington Post associate editor David Maraniss, is a sweeping survey of all those settings.” Sarah Halzack, The Washington Post

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