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Dean's Office

Gloria CulverDean of Arts and Sciencesgloria.culver@rochester.edu317 Lattimore Hall(585) 275-4827
Debra HaringAssistant Dean for Grants and Contractsdebra.haring@rochester.edu304 Lattimore Hall(585) 273-2289
Zoe Adams GutzmerAS&E Administrative 317 Lattimore Hall(585) 275-3256
Ashley SmithSenior Director of Advancementashley.smith@rochester.edu300 East River Road(585) 276-6561

SAS Departments

Cilas KemedjioProgram Director, Frederick Douglass 311B Morey Hall(585) 273-5346
Norma TourangeauProgram Director, American Sign 116 Lattimore Hall(585) 273-5165
Guillaume ChastelProgram Director, American Sign 116 Lattimore Hall(585) 286-2714
Dan ReichmanChair, 439 Lattimore Hall(585) 275-8737
Rachel HaiduChair, Art and Art 508 Morey Hall(585) 275-4112
Elaine SiaChair, Biologyelaine.sia@rochester.edu317 Hutchison Hall(585) 275-9275
Duje TadinChair, Brain and Cognitive ScienceDtadin@ur.rochester.edu310 Meliora Hall(585) 275-8682
Todd KraussChair, 465 Hutchison Hall(585) 275-5093
Loisa BennettoChair, Clinical and Social Sciences in 354 Meliora Hall(585) 275-8712
Melissa Pfohl-SmithProgram Director, Dance and Movement m.p.smith@rochester.edu207 Spurrier Hall(585) 273-5150
Stephanie AshenfelderProgram Director, Digital Media Studiesstephanie.ashenfelder@rochester.edu455 Rush Rhees Library(585) 273-5994
John TardunoChair, Earth and Environmental 309 Hylan Hall(585) 275-5713
George AlessandriaChair, 204 Harkness Hall(585) 275-3096
John MichaelChair, Englishjohn.michael@rochester.edu423A Morey Hall(585) 275-4974
Jason MiddletonProgram Director, Film and Media 511 Morey Hall(585) 275-9372
Kristen DoughtyProgram Director, Gender, Sexuality, and Women's 437 Lattimore Hall(585) 275-5155
Laura SmollerChair, 461 Rush Rhees Library(585) 275-7721
Joyce McDonoughChair, 505 Lattimore Hall(585) 275-2895
Lewis RothbergProgram Director, Materials 200 Hutchison Hall(585) 275-4725
Thomas TuckerChair, 918 Hylan Hall(585) 275-9421
John GivensChair, Modern Languages and 408A Lattimore Hall(585) 276-5856
Honey MeconiChair, Music 1-320 Dewey Hall(585) 275-9399
Randall CurrenChair, 532 Lattimore Hall(585) 275-8112
Steve ManlyChair, Physics and Astronomysteven.manly@rochester.edu206 Bausch and Lomb Hall(585) 275-8473
John DugganChair, Political 331 Harkness Hall(585) 273-4999
Nora RubelChair, Religion and 425 Rush Rhees Library(585) 275-7215
Srs-Rao PoduriProgram Director, 703 Hylan Hall(585) 275-4178
Nigel MaisterProgram Director, 107B Todd Union(585) 273-5159
Joel BurgesProgram Director, Visual and Cultural Studies 413 Morey Hall(585) 275-2694