Defining the future of the School of Arts & Sciences

Few institutions embrace the deliberate intersections between disciplines like the University of Rochester. The School of Arts & Sciences celebrates and encourages those intersections through interdisciplinary collaboration that helps create an environment where inquisitive, creative, and entrepreneurial people can develop and thrive.

The School of Arts & Sciences considers some of today’s most important questions. From scientific breakthroughs and technological advances to explorations of the human condition, we are a school that is grounded in the understanding of what it means to exist. Our focus ranges from molecular experiments done under microscopes to issues of global consequence that place our researchers among the world’s top minds. We are performers, artists, scientists, and scholars who are bound together by our deep passion and commitment to creative thinking and excellence in education.

As technology continues to connect us with colleagues and partners around the world, a renewed commitment to a liberal education—and education that informs the science, art, and humanity of our world—presents an exciting opportunity for us as a school. We can lead the movement toward more interactive and interdisciplinary studies at Rochester, and we can continue to increase our impact through a tireless dedication to community engagement and practiced citizenship, both locally and globally.

That dedication is also reflected in our faculty, students, and staff who are more collaborative than ever, and are fueled by the drive to make our campus and community “ever better.” It is found in our never ending drive to move forward and ensure that a quality education remains the cornerstone of the Rochester experience. Together, we explore our planet, express our creativity, and advance new discoveries. This is who we are and I invite you to join us.