University of Rochester



PhD Program

The Center for Language Sciences (CLS) is open to PhD candidates in all allied fields. Students are welcome to participate in CLS activities whether pursuing a single departmental PhD or an interdisciplinary degree. Currently our most active interdisciplinary PhD programs are found in:

An interdepartmental graduate student affiliated with the CLS will have a primary or home department, with a secondary appointment in an allied field and advisors in both programs. See the specific department websites for details about these interdisciplinary degree programs.

A guiding principle of the CLS is that coursework, reading groups, and lab groups, which are seated in the home departments of the faculty, are open and accessible to all. Participation by members from outside the individual departments and programs is encouraged. 

All PhD candidates have the opportunity to become involved in interdisciplinary research and training through in the CLS and its activities.

Master’s Programs

The University offers master’s degrees in linguistics and computer science:

Our master’s degree students benefit from the center’s resources by taking classes, conducting research, liaising with faculty, and accessing facilities.

Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate students involved in CLS pursue degree programs in:

Undergraduate students have access to the center’s faculty, graduate students, resources, events, and programming. Because of the interdisciplinary nature of language sciences, many of our students graduate with a double or triple major.