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This program allows University of Rochester undergraduate students interested in accounting to apply to Simon Business School’s MS in accountancy program as juniors and transition seamlessly between their undergraduate and graduate business study.

Program benefits include:

  • Application fee waiver—As a University of Rochester undergraduate, your $90 application fee will be waived.
  • Priority consideration for admission—You’ll also receive access to undergraduate and graduate counselors.
  • Potential to waive the GMAT or GRE—For consideration, you must have a minimum 3.3 cumulative GPA, have a B or higher in courses related to your major, and conduct a screening interview.
  • Guaranteed scholarship—If admitted, you’ll receive at least $10,000 in scholarship support.
  • Access to graduate courses early—If you’re admitted as a junior, you’ll have access to graduate level courses in your senior year that count toward your undergraduate degree.
  • Complete an internship—You will intern before your master’s study, which is typically required for a full-time offer from public accounting firms.
  • Flexibility with electives—Opting in to the 4+1 program early in your undergraduate study may give you more options in substituting electives during the MS program.
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The program is designed for students pursuing the BS business—accounting track, but is also be open to other students who have completed a majority of the accounting track coursework. Contact your undergraduate business advisor to discuss your eligibility and course planning.

How to Apply

Applications are accepted beginning in January of your junior year. Contact admissions@simon.rochester.edu with any questions you have about timing or the admissions process.