The Undergraduate Business Program is excited to offer BUS 389: Business Research!

BUS 389 Eligibility Requirements: 

  • Declared BA or BS business major
  • Senior class standing 
  • FIN 205 prerequisite 
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA in business major coursework 

*All juniors with a business major, seniors minoring in business, and any other exceptions will need the permission of the instructor to join. 

Business research explores both the methodologies and data sources that academic researchers, business analysts and consultants, government employees, and researchers in think tanks use. Students will complete individual and team assignments that involve gathering data and applying research methodologies to business research topics. For example, a research project might involve assessing whether customer satisfaction ratings have an impact on revenues or shareholder returns. The research methods examined include but are not limited to survey techniques, event studies, and multivariate statistical analysis. The topics could include valuation, industry analysis, executive compensation, corporate governance practices, and issues receiving attention in the business press at the time the course is offered.

BUS 389 can apply as an elective in BS Business Analytics, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Marketing, BA major, and minor.

For more information, please contact your business program advisor or  

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Medallion Leadership Society
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The Medallion Leadership Society is an undergraduate student group dedicated to leadership. The society educates their peers to realize their leadership potential and become engaged members of the campus and surrounding communities, in an effort to achieve positive social change. Members in the society will participate in committees, have opportunities to meet with deans, and plan leadership programs for the Office of the Dean of Students. 
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