Overlap Policy

No more than two courses used to complete the minor in African and African-American studies may overlap with courses used to complete another concentration or minor. For a complete list of overlap course restrictions see the Overlap Policy.

Declaring Your Major

See the declaring a major page in the UR Sophomores website for complete instructions.


Cilas Kemedjio
Curriculum Director, Frederick Douglass Institute
Morey 303
(585) 273-5346

Jeffrey Tucker
Department of English
Morey 418
(585) 275-2064

John Michael
Department of English
Morey 417
(585) 275-4974

Joan Saab
Department of Art and Art History
Morey 423A
(585) 275-7922

Stephanie Li
Department of English
Morey 319
(585) 275-5760

Larry Hudson
Department of History
RRL 460
(585) 275-4557