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Film Series: Andy Warhol and Friends

Wednesdays through October at the Dryden Theatre

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Meet the Artist: Charles Atlas in conversation with Douglas Crimp

Memorial Art Gallery, September 14, 2017 at 7PM

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11th Visual and Cultural Studies Graduate Conference, April 6-7 2017

Keynote speaker: Rosalyn Deutsche, Environments and the Ecological Self

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InVisible Culture

InVisible Culture is a student-run electronic journal of visual culture dedicated to exploring the material and political dimensions of visual and cultural practices.


Graduate Conference

This interdisciplinary conference convenes graduate students from a variety of fields, such as film studies, museum studies, art history, and cultural anthropology.


On Film

Our students run a film-screening project featuring independent and avant-garde films in their original formats. On Film is now in its fifth year.


MOON DWELLERS: A famous 1830s press hoax involved reports of bat-like people and other fanciful creatures supposedly seen on the moon by an astronomer. (Credit: Library of Congress)

Research Highlight

‘Looking’ at historical hoaxes

During the mid-19th century, a series of grand hoaxes captured the American imagination: the Great Moon Hoax, the Cardiff Giant, and the fantastical creatures of P. T. Barnum. Joan Saab, associate professor of art history and visual and cultural studies, examines the relationship between seeing and believing.

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