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Earth and Environmental Sciences Faculty

Faculty in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences either teaching or doing sustainability-related research.

Karen Berger

Berger, Karen

Coordinator for College Sustainability Studies
Curriculum Coordinator for Environmental Programs | (585) 275-7611
202 Hutchison Hall

Interests: Teaching Interests: Human use of and impacts on energy and water resources

Rory D. Cottrell

Cottrell, Rory D.

Scientist | (585) 275-6025
209C Hutchison Hall

Interests: Paleomagnetism and paleointensity

Udo Fehn

Fehn, Udo

Professor Emeritus | (585) 275-7884
224 Hutchison Hall

Interests: Primary research focus is the movement of fluids in the earth's crust, with an emphasis on dating and tracing studies.

Penny Higgins

Higgins, Penny

Research Associate | (585) 275-0601
209B Hutchison Hall

Interests: Climate change since the Last Glacial Maximum in North America; Terrestrial climate change during the Paleocene Eocene Thermal Maximum in the Western Interior of North America; Climate change and faunal turnover at the boundary between the Torrejonian and Tiffanian North American Land Mammal "Ages"; Tooth growth rates and mineralization patterns in Notoungulate mammals

John Kessler

Kessler, John

Associate Professor | (585) 273-4572
210 Hutchison Hall

Interests: Chemical Oceanography; Isotope geochemistry; Analytical chemistry

Vasilii Petrenko

Petrenko, Vasilii

Wilmot Assistant Professor
Curriculum Coordinator for Environmental Programs | (585) 276-6094
228 Hutchinson Hall

Interests: Understanding natural and anthropogenic climate and environmental change, particularly from the perspective of atmospheric composition and chemistry.

Robert Poreda

Poreda, Robert J.

Professor | (585) 275-0051
224 Hutchison Hall

Interests: Professor Poreda's research focuses on novel applications of noble gas chemistry to the earth sciences, in seven diverse areas.

John A. Tarduno

Tarduno, John A.

Chair for Earth and Environmental Sciences | (585) 275-5713
227 Hutchison Hall

Interests: Paleomagnetism, Geomagnetism and Geodynamics, including rates of plate tectonic, hotspot and polar motion, mantle plume volcanism, long-term history of Earth's magnetic field (paleointensity, paleosecular variation and reversal frequency), origin of the geodynamo, magnetic shielding and planetary habitability, decay of the modern dipole magnetic field and archeomagnetism; Cretaceous climate; environmental magnetism.