Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)

Section I: Special Information and Supplementary Documentation

A. Evaluation questionnaire sent to REU undergraduates

Guidelines for Participant Reports

REU student reports have three main purposes, as follows:

  1. to provide a record of the scientific work done by the student;
  2. to give feedback on the student's overall experience, for use in internal, on-going evaluation of the program; and
  3. to provide descriptive and evaluative material for use in reporting to the program sponsor, the National Science Foundation.

Your report should address two general areas: (1) your research work, and (2) your overall experience in the program, including the research environment, seminars, administrative issues (housing, pay, etc.), and any other aspects of the program which affected you. Total length should be about 2 pages (single-spaced).Reports are due on or before the last day.Those working beyond then may turn in their report at the end of August.

1. Research

Describe (in about 1 page) the research in which you have been involved this summer.Give most attention to your particular research objectives,activities, and findings, while relating these if you can to the research of your group as a whole and to larger scientific problems.In addition,please respond to the following questions, as they apply to your work.

2. Experience in the REU program

Overall experience in the program (see also questions on specific aspects below)

Program administration

Research experience

Mini-courses and seminars

Social activities and other program features

We welcome your comments on any aspect of the program not covered above.


Follow-up questionnaire sent to current and former REU students


Year(s) you participated in Rochester's REU Program:

University attending (or just attended):


Research projects in which you have been involved since participating in the REU Program:

Plans for the future:

Graduate school? (Which one, if already enrolled):

In what field?

Would you/did you consider applying to Rochester?Why/Why not?

Other plans:

Did your experience as a REU participant influence your choice of major or plans for your future? How?


Questionnaire sent to REU faculty

Questions for REU Faculty

Research Experiences in Physics for Undergraduates

Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Rochester

Faculty name:

Student name and title of research project:

1. Evaluation of the student's work in the REU program

2. Impact of the REU program

How has your research effort benefited by the REU students' participation?

Please list particular analytical or technical skills that you think the students gained through work in your group this year.

Please mention any ideas or practices that you (or your group members) have used, either in the process of guiding a student or in your conduct of research generally, which have a positive impact on students' experience and learning.(Note: statements on these issues are extremely useful when we are called upon to discuss the wider impacts of the program.)

Your thoughts on how this program benefits the University are welcome.

3. Feedback on the REU program

If you encountered problems pertinent to the program's administration (that is, the structure supporting the research experience), please describe them.

Do you think that the mini-courses were useful to the REU students in your group? Why or why not?

Do you think that the weekly lunch seminars enhanced the students' experience here at Rochester? Are there seminar topics that you think would be of particular interest or value to participants?

Were ethical issues ever discussed in your research lab or at other times during the program? If so, what was the topic?

How could we make the program better from your perspective?