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Roles of Teaching Assistants and Interns in the Introductory Undergraduate Laboratories

Teaching Assistants and Interns play a critical role in the undergraduate laboratories. They a the primary point of contact for the students, and as such are in the best student to ensure that the students success.

The goals of the undergraduate laboratories are to present selected concepts from the course material in an active learning environment and to teach some basic physical laboratory skills, such a graphing and statistical analysis and the use of timers, oscilloscopes, digital voltmeters, etc. For students to be successful, they may require help in mastering lab skills and techniques, often with demonstration by example, and they may need assistance in making the connection between material in class and in the laboratories. The small group environment allows for one-on-one interactions between laboratory teachers and the students.

Before Laboratory (both Teaching Interns and Teaching Assistants)

Duties in Lab (shared by Teaching Interns and Teaching Assistants)

After Laboratory (Teaching Assistants Only)