2014 Graduate Research Conference

"Words and Works: Dialogues in Intersectionality"

The Susan B. Anthony Institute’s 21st Annual Gender and Women's Studies Interdisciplinary Graduate Conference will be held on February 28 and March 1, 2014, in the Welles-Brown Room, Rush Rhees Library, University of Rochester.

Friday, February 28

5:00 pm – 6:30 pm Keynote Address, Welles-Brown Room           
Qwo-Li Driskill, Professor of Queer Studies, Oregon State University
“Doubleweaving Resistance: An Asegi Manifesto”

Saturday, March 1

10:15 am –10:30 amOpening Remarks, Welles-Brown Room
Serenity Sutherland, Co-Chair, Conference Organizing Committee

10:30 am – 12:15 pm Panel One: Conceptualizing Embodiments
Moderator: Catherine Cerulli, Director of the Susan B. Anthony Center for Women’s Leadership and the Laboratory of Interpersonal Violence and Victimization, Associate Professor of Psychiatry

 Jennifer Loft (University at Buffalo)
"Geographies of Violence and Jurisdiction: The Battle of Justice in Louise Erdrich’s The Round House" 

 Gail Lowther (Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester) –
"'Music That Speaks, Poems that Sing': The Sounds of American Delsartism" 

 Kali A. Mobley (University of Tennessee, Knoxville)
"The Skin and Bones of the Displayed Feminist Body: A Meta-Analysis of Identity Construction in Reality and Virtuality"

 John Komdat (University of Rochester)
"The Madness of Cavendish’s Panpsychist Materialism"

12:15 pm – 1:15 pm Lunch

1:30 pm – 3:00 pm Panel Two: Confronting Cultural Representations
Moderator: Terry Platt, Professor of Biology

 Regina Compton (Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester)
"Handel’s Gismonda, Maternal Failure, and the Eighteenth-Century London Stage"

 Tiffany Barber (University of Rochester)
"A Fraction of the Whole? Black Womanhood, Cyborgs, and Transgressive Disfigurement"

 Carly Chasin (University of Rochester)
"'I’ll be father and mother to you': Male Mothering in Tom Hooper’s 2012 Adaptation of Les Misérables"

3:00 pm – 3:15 pm Break

3:15 pm – 4:45 pm Panel Three: Cultivating Reclamations
Moderator: Honey Meconi, Director of the Susan B. Anthony Institute for Women and Gender Studies; Susan B. Anthony Professor of Gender and Women’s Studies; Professor of Music, College Music Department; Professor of Musicology, Eastman School of Music

Wendi Muse (New York University)
"Beyond Mãe Preta: The Presence of Black Women in the Imprensa Negra Brasileira (Black Press of Brazil), 1910-1937"

Eric Lubarsky (Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester)
"Masculine Naturalism and the Historical Instrument Revival"

Kathryn Phillips (University of Rochester)
"Reconceiving the Value of Philosophy: Success Conditions in Philosophy and the Underrepresentation of Women and Minorities"