2007 Graduate Research Conference

Friday, March 23, 2007

9:00AM   Opening Remarks 

  • Susan Gustafson, Director, Susan B. Anthony Institute  

9:10AM   Panel I – Gender and the Creative Process

  • Marie Sumner Lott, Department of Musicology, Eastman School of Music, "Thinking Outside the Salon: Negotiation Tactics in Louise Farrenc’s Piano Quintets, opp. 30 and 31 (1839-40)"

  • Godfre Leung, Program in Visual and Cultural Studie, Me tangere/Noli me legere: My Hysterical Emily Dickinson"  

  • Jennie Lightweis-Goff, Department of English, "Fallen Giants, Rebels, and Men: Canonicity and Paternity in African-American Literature"

10:40AM Panel II - Sexuality and Gendered Roles 

  • Joseph Jones, Warner Graduate School of Education and Human Development, "Homophobia in Secondary Schools: An Investigation of Teachers' Perceptions Through a Collaborative Professional Development Program"

  • Rebekah Greene, Department of English, "The Forgotten Murderess:  Sarah Stout Littles and the Problems of the “Weaker Sex” in the 1858 Stout Trial"

  • Michelle Finn, Department of History, "The Doctor's Prescription: Wonder Woman as a Model for Womanhood in 1940s America"

12:00PM   Lunch Provided

1:00PM   Panel III – Religious and National Identities

  • Shaza Khan, Warner Graduate School of Education and Human Development, "American Muslimah: Motives and Consequences for identifying as 'Muslim' within the Diaspora"

  • Linda Quinlan, Warner Graduate School of Education and Human Development, “'When we sing/they hear their lives retold':  Some reflections on how and why students at religious colleges might be invited to (re)consider gender identity"

  • Rolien Hoyng, Program in Visual and Cultural Studies, "Veiling and Viewing the Veil: Spectacles and Debates on Muslim-Dutch and Native-Dutch Identity"

2:30PM   Panel IV – Representation and the Body  

  • Victoria Pass, Program in Visual and Cultural Studies, "Dancing, Drawing, and Falling in Love:  Artists’ Representation in Popular Films of the 1950s"

  • Kathleen Casey, Department of History, "Cross Dressers and Race Crossers: Blackness and Gender on the American Popular Stage"

  • Hossein Khosrowjah, Program in Visual and Cultural Studies, "The Vagaries of the Return of the Repressed: Theocratic Censorship, Patriarchal Proscription and Contemporary Feminist Currents in Iranian Cinema"

4:00PM   Keynote Address

  • Greta Niu, Department of English