2006 Graduate Research Conference

Friday, March 24, 2006

9:00AM Breakfast

9:15AM Opening Remarks

  • Susan Gustafson, Director, Susan B. Anthony institute

9:30AM Panel 1: Orientalism

Panel Moderator: Professor Greta Niu, Department of English

  • Shaza Khan, Warner Graduate School, “Beyond Culture Clash Theories: Examining the Adolescent Experiences of Diasporic Muslim Females” 
  • Hossein Khosrowjah, Visual and Cultural Studies, “Carried by the Wind: Iranian Exilic and Diasporic Female Autobiographies” 
  • Joanna Grant, English, “Murder and Masculinity in Agatha Christie’s Mesopotamia”  

11:00AM Panel II: Gender Roles, Gender Norms

Panel Moderator: Professor Signithia Fordham, Department of Anthropology and SBAI Professor of Gender and Women’s Studies  

  • Stefanie M. Vischansky, English, “Serial Masquerade: Disrupting the Gendered Economy of Desire in Haywood’s Fantomina” 
  • Dawn M. Evans, Warner Graduate School, “De-Mystifying Math: The Relevancy of Using a ‘Funds of Knowledge’ Approach to Teaching Mathematics to Young Women” 
  • Anita Durkin, English, “Silencing Insecurities: Esther Greenwood’s Mute Call for Revolution”  

12:30PM Lunch  

1:30PM Keynote Address

  • Professor Pamela Barnett, McGraw Institute, Princeton University, “Literature of Sexual Freedom and Sexual Violence Since the Sixties”
    Introduction: Jennie Lightweis-Goff  

2:45 PM Panel III: Bodies and Sexuality

Panel Moderator: Professor Sharon Willis, Department of Modern Languages and Cultures  

  • Dinah Holtzman, Visual and Cultural Studies, “Kara Walker, the Art World’s Beloved” 
  • Tina Giovanelli, English, “Between ‘Men’: Henry James’s Deployment of a “Two-Sided Love Triangle’”
  • Jennifer Thompson Stone. English, “The Authority of Experience: An Unassailable Defense of the Female Legacy of Midwifery and Healing”

4:15PM Reception

  • Closing remarks, Professor Sharon Willis