2005 Graduate Research Conference

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

9:15 Opening Remarks

  • Professor Susan Gustafson, Driector, Susan B. Anthony Institute

9:30 Panel I: Gendering Practices

Panel Moderator: Professor Joan Saab, Visual and Cultural Studies

  • Peter Hobbs, Visual and Cultural Studies, "The Melodrama of Gender: A Genealogy of Sadness"
  • Miriam Margala, English and Linguistics, "Gender and/in Translation"
  • Jenny Douglas, English, "The Performative Utterance in Samuel Beckett's Not I"
  • Amy Steed, Warner Graduate School, "Mary Cassatt: A Brush with the Professions"

11:00 Panel II: Gender, Race, and Ethnicity

Panel Moderator: Professor Jeffrey Tucker, English

  • Alison Ehrmann Hager, English, "A Gendered Nation: Black Nationalism, Black arts and Gayl Jones' Corregidora"
  • Shaza Khan, Warner Graduate School, "Desis in Diaspora:Re/presenting Hybrid Identities Through Bhangra"
  • Makini Walker Sharpe, Warner Graduate School, "Balancing Equation: African American Teacher's Pedagogy as Commitment and Responsibility to African American Students"

12:15 Lunch: Gamble Room

1:30 Keynote Address

  • Professor Tim Dean, University of Buffalo, "Breeding Culture: Barebacking, Bugchasing, Giftgiving"
    Introduction by Professor Andres Nader, Modern Languages and Cultures

2:45 Panel III: Sexuality and the Politics of Visibility

Panel Moderator: Professor Kimberly Healey, Modern Languages and Cultures

  • Dinah Holtzman, Visual and Cultural Studies, "From Homosociality to Homoeroticism: The Evolution of Dostana (Male Friendship) in Contemporary Bollywood Cinema"
  • Amira Richler, English, "AIDS and the Crisis of Vision: The Limits of Visibility and Invisibility in Derek Jarman's Blue and Gary Fisher's Gary in Your Pocket"
  • Derek Rushton, Visual and Cultural Studies, "Alternative Geographies of Identity: Two Decades of Art and HIV/AIDS Activism in Toronto"

4:15 Reception: Welles-Brown Room, Rush Rhees Library

  • Closing remarks: Professor Susan Gustafson, Director, Susan B. Anthony Institute