Bin Yang

Bin Yang

  • Graduate Student

B.E., Nankai University, 2013
Faculty Mentor(s): Rucci

241 Meliora Hall

Curriculum Vitae

Research Overview

I am interested in visual perception, a cognitive function in which human brains outperform modern machines. Currently, I am working on how blink transient affects visual acuity. Despite strong visual suppression introduced by blinks, we propose that blinks and accompanying eye movements will redistribute spatial power of the visual input into the temporal domain, and power spectra analysis for this spatiotemporal power redistribution predicts that blinks would benefit visual acuity for low spatial frequencies.

Selected Publications

  • Xiaofeng Xu, Bin Yang, Ning Qian, Mingsha Zhang, Exaggeration on Tilt Repulsion Effect as Predicted by a Retrospective Bayesian Decoding Model on Working Memory, Poster in the 14th Asia-Pacific Conference on Vision and the 3rd China Vision Science Conference, 2018.
  • Bin Yang, Jing Guang, Yang Zhou, Mingsha Zhang, Rotated Direction of Microsaccade Represents Motor Choice in the Spatial Choice Tasks, Oral presentation in the 1st China Vision Science Conference, 2016.
  • Bin Yang, Jing Guang, Yang Zhou, Mingsha Zhang, Rotation of Microsaccades Direction Reflects Spatial Choice and Individual Bias, Poster in the 6th FAONS Congress and 11th Biennial Conference of CNS, 2015.
  • Bin Yang, Chao Wang, Aiyun Xiang, Reversibility of General 1D Linear Cellular Automata over the Binary Field under Null Boundary Conditions, Information Sciences, 2015.