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Michele Rucci

Michele Rucci

  • Professor

309 Meliora Hall
(585) 276-4023, (585) 273-3081

Office Hours: By appointment


Research Overview

My research focuses on the computational mechanisms responsible for visual perception. Like other species, humans are not passively exposed to the incoming flow of sensory data, but actively seek useful information by coordinating sensory processing with motor activity. Behavior is a key component of sensory perception. Research in our laboratory integrates experimental, theoretical, and computational approaches to elucidate the interactions between visual processing and motor behavior in humans and replicate similar strategies in machines. Techniques used in the laboratory include high-resolution eye- and head-tracking, human psychophysics, precise control of retinal stimulation in virtual environments, electroencephalography, computational modeling of neural systems, and robotics. Our research has led to multiple findings on the way humans and other species actively process visual information and establish spatial representations. It has raised specific hypotheses on the influences of eye movements during development, has resulted in new tools for experimental studies in visual neuroscience, and has led to robots directly controlled by models of neural pathways.