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Combining a broad array of disciplines

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Incorporating multiple perspectives and approaches

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Offering broad exposure and in-depth mastery

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Degree Program

Our interdisciplinary program in African and African-American studies integrates the social sciences and humanities.

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Careers & Outcomes

AAS students pursue graduate studies and professional careers at prestigious institutions and organizations.

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We partner with numerous other institutes, departments, and centers from across the University.

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student research

Summer of Research

One question sparks student’s research around race in America

Why does racism play a part in motivating some students to go on to college, while it seems to deter others? Winston Scott ’19 is spending his summer preparing a study into how children react when they begin to perceive racism.

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Upcoming Event

One Million Abolitionists

April 05, 2018

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Get Involved

Participate in or attend film screenings, dance festivals, lectures, poetry slams, community outreach, conferences, performances, and symposia.

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