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Earth and Environmental Sciences Faculty

Faculty in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences either teaching or doing sustainability-related research.

Karen Berger

Berger, Karen

  • Associate Professor of Instruction, Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • Co-Chair, University Council on SustainabilityCoordinator, College Sustainability StudiesCurriculum Coordinator, Environmental Programs

Interests: Teaching Interests: Human use of and impacts on energy and water resources; community-engaged learning; metrics of sustainability

Rory D. Cottrell

Cottrell, Rory D.

  • Scientist


Interests: Paleomagnetism and paleointensity

Udo Fehn

Fehn, Udo

  • Professor Emeritus

Interests: Primary research focus is the movement of fluids in the earth's crust, with an emphasis on dating and tracing studies.

Penny Higgins

Higgins, Penny

  • Research Associate


Interests: Climate change since the Last Glacial Maximum in North America; Terrestrial climate change during the Paleocene Eocene Thermal Maximum in the Western Interior of North America; Climate change and faunal turnover at the boundary between the Torrejonian and Tiffanian North American Land Mammal "Ages"; Tooth growth rates and mineralization patterns in Notoungulate mammals

John Kessler

Kessler, John

  • Professor


Interests: Chemical Oceanography; Isotope geochemistry; Analytical chemistry

Vasilii Petrenko

Petrenko, Vasilii

  • Associate Professor
  • Curriculum Coordinator, Environmental Programs


Interests: Understanding natural and anthropogenic climate and environmental change, particularly from the perspective of atmospheric composition and chemistry.

John A. Tarduno

Tarduno, John A.

  • Professor
  • Chair, Earth and Environmental Sciences


Interests: Paleomagnetism, Geomagnetism and Geodynamics, including rates of plate tectonic, hotspot and polar motion, mantle plume volcanism, long-term history of Earth's magnetic field (paleointensity, paleosecular variation and reversal frequency), origin of the geodynamo, magnetic shielding and planetary habitability, decay of the modern dipole magnetic field and archeomagnetism; Cretaceous climate; environmental magnetism.