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Transfer Policy

Transfer credit is typically awarded for introductory statistics courses taken at other universities, although other transfer credit awards are possible, depending on course content. Generally, an introductory statistics course will transfer as STT 212 credit. Please email/meet with a Statistics advisor to discuss transfer credit. You will need to provide the advisor with a copy of the course syllabus for review. Transfer credit is not awarded for online courses.

Students who have earned a 4 or 5 on the AP Statistics exam will be award credit for STT 212.

STT 213 Equivalency Exam

Beginning in the spring 2019 semester, students may only earn credit for one introductory statistics course (STT 211, STT 212, STT 213, and BIO/STT 214). With some majors requiring students to have specifically taken STT 213, a STT 213 Equivalent Exam is being offered. Upon successful completion of this exam, students who have previously earned credit for STT 211 or STT 212 will receive a citation indicating that they have demonstrated sufficient competency equivalent to the level of STT 213. Successfully passing the STT 213 Equivalency Exam will result in the following, based on the original credit awarded:

  • If the student earned a 4 or 5 on the AP Statistics exam, then this course will now transfer as STT 213.
  • If a student took an approved introductory statistics course at another university (and thus originally received STT 212 credit), then this course will now transfer as STT 213.
  • If a student took STT 211 or STT 212 at the University of Rochester, then they will still receive credit for the course they originally took, and a citation will be added to their transcript indicating that they have met the requirements of STT 213. In this case, students will not receive credits for STT 213, but the citation will be sufficient to meet STT 213 requirements.

The STT 213 Equivalency Exam will be offered at the beginning of both the fall and spring semesters. Students interested in taking the exam should reach out to Professor Ciminelli at The exam will cover the material taught in STT 213, focusing more heavily on the topics that are unique to STT 213. See the topics covered on STT 213 Equivalency Exam PDF for more information.

Teaching Assistants

Are you interested in being a teaching assistant for a statistics course? Please complete the following application to be considered for a position within our program. Applications for positions in the fall semester are due by April 15. Applications for positions in the spring semester are due by November 15.

TA Application