“I will never regret accepting my spring spot at UR because it provided me with an excellent opportunity to do something unique and exciting. The Arezzo program was wonderful because I was able to meet a very diverse group of UR students and get a good look at what it is like to study as a college student.” Angela, 2017

"I don't think any experience has ever affected me so strongly and so positively in a matter of three months than the experiences I had on this program did. During this time, I was able to find a renewed passion for learning, all the while expanding my mind and horizons interacting with a different culture. Even as an English major, words fail to describe how grateful I am for the time spent on this program." Natsumi, 2015

“While some may prefer the big city and more independent program, I couldn't have been happier with this setup. I became so very close with this group of people that I struggled to say my goodbyes at the end knowing that even though we would see each other at school, this incredible journey we had all just experienced together was coming to a close.” Mikael, 2013

“This program, first and foremost, was a head-first dive into Italian culture. Arezzo offered all of the perks of a bigger city but without a loss of integrity.”Kevin, 2013

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