Literary Translation

Certificate in Literary Translation

The certificate in literary translation is an interdisciplinary program in the humanities that provides undergraduate students with an opportunity to study the theory and practice of literary translation through coursework in international literature, advanced literary studies, translation, and creative writing. In addition to required and elective courses, students may also choose to participate in domestic and international internships with publishing houses or literary journals.

Students in the program will also have the opportunity to work with the new international literature publishing imprint, Open Letter, which is dedicated to translating and publishing literature from around the world.

Advanced Certificate in Literary Translation

The advanced certificate in literary translation is open to matriculated University of Rochester graduate students who want to pursue literary translation but do not want to write a masters thesis. The certificate can complement a number of bachelors and graduate degrees in the liberal arts. It is equally suited for new translators who need grounding in the disciplines that constitute literary translation, as well as seasoned translators who seek a practical introduction to the business of the field.

The certificate program enables students to experience the full process leading to the publication of a work in translation—from evaluating a text, acquiring rights, and editing the translation, to designing the cover and launching a promotional campaign for an international author.

The certificate program begins with a required course introducing students to the theory and practice of translation, includes a practical component in the form of a portfolio of independent translation projects, and features an internship at a press specializing in literary translation. This program is based on translation into English.

Master's Degree in Literary Translation Studies

The master’s degree in literary translation studies (MALTS) combines academic rigor, strong practical training, and intensive professional development through internships with the Open Letter and other literary presses. The program is comprised of three elements:

  • A core course introducing the theories and problems of literary translation
  • Electives in the study of specific national literature or international literature
  • A thesis

Translations produced by students enrolled in the master's program in translation are considered for publication as books by Open Letter.