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 Bren Group 2021

Bren Group 2021

The Bren Group (virtually!) in 2021, featuring -
Top left to right: Kara Bren, Jiwon Han, Jesse Stroka
Middle left to right: Kaye Kuphal, Jose Alvarez-Hernandez, Jana Jelušić
Bottom left to right: Alison Salamatian, Emily Edwards, Ryan Kosko, Noelle Peluso

The Bren Group

We are a bioinorganic research group at the University of Rochester investigating metalloprotein structure and function, and engineering biocatalysts for applications in energy conversion. We work to characterize biomimetic photocatalytic and electrocatalytic reactions. We use a range of techniques including cyclic voltammetry, molecular biology, protein biochemistry, resonance Raman spectroscopy, fluorescence, photochemistry, and NMR spectroscopy applied to paramagnetic biomolecules. Please visit the links on this page for more information.