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Our program curriculum was designed to enhance training in CBI science and that will complement the core training received by students through the participating programs. The program will include laboratory rotations, teaching, coursework, research, and professional development activities. Furthermore, the trainees will invite and host seminar speakers, participate in teaching, have monthly lunches, prepare individual development plans, and assist with organizing the annual retreat.

Required Courses

Chemistry-Biology Interface, Critical Thinking (Bren, Two Credits)
This is a directed reading and discussion course focusing on developing critical analysis skills.

Research in the Chemistry-Biology Interface (Fasan, Two Credits)
This course will feature presentations from faculty preceptors and others on frontier research topics.

Effective Scientific Writing and Presentations (Miller, Two Credits)
This course aids students in developing writing and presentation skills, with a proposal writing exercise as a final project.

Ethics and Professional Integrity in Research (Freeman, One Credit)
This course features ten sessions consisting of lecture/case study presentations followed by small group discussions that provide information on topics essential for the responsible conduct of research.

For other educational opportunities see our activities and workshops page.